Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Narendranath Chakraborty, Kolkata: Draft Notices, Mostly Clerical Work


Easha Manchanda


Advocate Narendranath Chakraborty, Kolkata.

Application Process

I had to make use of a few contacts in order to get this internship, since being a first year law student I had nothing that was even close to being a good enough CV for consideration at a renowned organisation or lawyer’s chamber.


April 28, 2014 to May 26, 2014.

It was a four week internship, 6 days a week.

First Day

I used to attend the Advocate’s chamber in the evenings.

It was located in the ground floor of his bungalow and the first floor was a library.

I was asked to submit my recommendation letter from college and my college identity card along with a letter of application.

Then I was introduced to all the staff there.

There were two senior clerks, one junior clerk and the advocate’s secretary.

One room was dedicated for the clerks, the entrance consisted of a reception like area where the secretary sat and another room was the Advocate’s office.

There was one more room that was the waiting area for all the clients.

Main tasks

My main tasks included going through the case briefs and making notes on it that consisted of a case synopsis and making a list of dates and documents.

Basically, clerical (sometimes boring) work.

I also typed out several notices, which required very less creativity.

I was given a draft of a legal notice and accordingly I drafted several notices.

Also, I typed out various plaints and written statements and also attended client meetings which, for me were the best part of the entire experience.


There were not many people there and so the work environment was not at all competitive or steamy.

All the work was done with peace and patience.

It was a glimpse into the life of a regular advocate of a civil court who had not a very “hot-shot” clientèle.

To be precise, it was the grass root level of the very renowned, very starry and very attractive legal professional. Isn’t that how everything starts?

Best things

The best part was the strategy formulation time for me.

That is where we advised the client as to what would be the plan of action and how, the pros and the cons of the plan of action, the financial aspect, the consequence, both good and bad, etc.

And of course, the stipend!

Bad things

The work environment was a little dull.

There was no incentive for anybody to work any harder, or so it seemed.

There was not one day in the entire four weeks where I saw something out of the ordinary or out of routine happening in the chambers.


Rs. 1500/-

Biggest Lessons

I realized that not everybody in the legal profession gets his or her taste of the glamour of the profession.

It is a time consuming process and one that requires a lot of patience and hard work.

It brought me closer to reality and out of my tiny bubble of imagination.


This internship is only good for a first year law student, I wouldn’t want to work here in my senior years of college.

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