Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Dharmendra Verma, District Court, Bhopal: Attend court hearings




District Court (Bhopal) Advocate Dharmendra Verma, Bhopal

Application Process

I personally went to them and got it confirmed.

They can either be contacted through telephone or met direct in person.


1st January, 2014 – 28th January, 2014

First Day

It being a district court, one shouldn’t expect something fancy.

I went up to their desk which is one among the thousands, placed in the hall.

Though the court is comparatively organised and clean.

They have 2-3 proxy lawyers under them. I had to give a brief instruction to them about myself and answer them about a few generic question of law and future plannings of my career.

Overall, it being my first internship there was no bar to match and hence there can not be any comparative analysis.

It was one of the best possible first internship to witness the practical legal world and little nuisances of the same.

Main tasks

1. The first thing to be done in the morning was to check the status of each case listed in the case diary in the subsequent courts.

2. To ensure all witnesses turned up and clients were attended.

3. To read all the case facts and the pleadings of the parties before attending the hearings.

4. To attend the hearings and procedural advances.

5. Make case summary and case notes.

6. Complete all paper work and cater to all requirements of memorial.

Work environment

The total strength was about 6 and it was great group to work with.

The proxy lawyers and the advocates used to explain every aspect of functioning of courts by themselves.

During lunch breaks they used to tell me about the pros and cons of litigation and other options in law as a career.

It was an enriching experience to work with them.

Best things

The whole experience was the best thing to me. But the foremost the advocates and proxy lawyers.

Bad things

There were days when we had no work and we had sit idle.



Biggest Lessons

Practical legal world is way different then law students presume it to be through books.


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