Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Deepak Bhattacharjee, HC of Judicature at Hyderabad: Learn court mannerisms and proceedings

Intern Details

Name: Sakshi Sharma

College: Gujarat National Law University

Year: 2nd Year

From Zero to Hero

Where: High Court of Judicature of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which is in Hyderabad since both the states have amicably decided to share the capital for a period of 10 years.

Who: Chambers of Adv. Deepak Bhattacharjee. He’s a soft spoken man with a lot of knowledge which becomes pretty evident when he argues in court.

Duration: A very short period of 45 days. They take interns for a month usually. The working hours for a day are from 9:30 to 6 with Saturdays being half days. [4th November 2015 – 18th December 2015]

How: The Internship and Placement cell of my college got me this internship and sir has been taking interns from my college for quite some time now.

But you can contact him on [email protected]

Dedicated and punctual students who are willing to learn are always welcome in his office.

Interview: My College had sent them my CV along with my application for the internship and there was no other formality needed from my side other than contacting them personally.

I don’t suppose there is an interview round, though.

Office: The office is in East Marredpally, Secunderabad which was a 20 minute drive from my house but the neighbourhood does have Paying guest accomodations.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: THE EXPERIENCE

Say hello to the lawyers

Well, my experience at interning with sir was brilliant. I’m not saying this for praising him or just for the heck of it or because I’m afraid he’ll find out but because it genuinely was.

The chamber has a lot of lawyers, Deepak sir and Dishit sir who handled high court matters, Geeta Ma’am who tended to matters at  the city civil court with Ramesh Sir, Deepti Ma’am and a few others handling the lower courts and Keshav sir along with a lawyer whose name I don’t recall went to the Debt Recovery Tribunal.

Work, Work, Work

Deepak sir spoke to me on my first day at the office after which I was to report to Dishit sir and take work from him along with attending the court. Mind you, the court is really far away from the office but Sir was kind enough to let me come with him every time I went to the court.

He basically dealt with banking matters or matters with regard to company law, service, occupation and educational institutions with some exceptions like an IPR case at the civil court or a criminal case of dowry death that I came across when I worked there.

The work environment is fine and there are a lot of books that you can refer to in the office. This was my first legal internship and I was slightly apprehensive of my work skills and if I’d understand anything at all but to my surprise and contrary to my belief, I did.

From cases that dealt with winding up of companies to looking up on constitutional law, IPC, service and banking laws, this internship broadened by understanding and opened up new arenas of interest.

I spent majority of my time researching on these case and honestly, my detest for company law eventually changed to finding it interesting.

Bonus was being able to draft a contract with the lawyers for one of their clients and almost being mistaken for a lawyer in court on wearing a blazer.


I honestly was of the opinion that my research skills suck which was pretty much what happened when I was handed my first case file and asked to look for cases on whether a dependent could claim for pension benefits upon the dismissal and subsequent death of an individual.

I ended up reading roughly 25 cases all of which was irrelevant.

Then finally, while talking to Dishit sir in the court, I found a case and that’s when I had my Eureka moment.

In the days that followed, my research got better or so I’ve been told and I actually liked what I was doing.

The fun part – I was allowed to leave at 6 in the evening but we i.e.  Keshav sir, Dishit sir and me had this half an hour for funny events of the day.

These guys went on to become my friends or so I assume, they haven’t told me otherwise, despite them finding me weird and making me the butt of most of their jokes.

Bad things

I don’t seem to recall anything in particular because I loved the entire learning experience but one thing is for sure, time is taken very seriously and delays in reaching the office result in you missing your ride and being stuck with research work rather than being in court and watching proceedings.

So, better stick to the clock and be there on time. Also, adhering to deadlines is essential because well, they matter.

Did I miss out on something?

Stipend: No, you won’t get one unless you’re exceptionally good such that you finish work that you’re not even allotted which is not going to happen.

But the no stipend thing was compensated with good food and befriending two 26 year olds, along with learning so much in such a short duration.

What I am taking back with me?

A lot of knowledge – A 2nd year student who knows how to file and draft a winding up petition, contract drafting, several sections of the IPC, Companies Act, CPC, sarfeasi act, in addition to the constitution does say a lot, doesn’t it?

Court mannerisms and proceedings – I’ll admit of being exceptionally delusional about the entire court set up before I went to the court for the first time.

From the number of lawyers to absence of there being a witness stand at every court room, I had it all wrong. Not only did I learn a lot about the setting of the court but also the method of arguing and talking to the judges and getting the reliefs claimed and sought.

Memories – Now these include not only the memories of the internship experience but also those of the lawyers there who recalled their internship days and college times.

All in all, interning at the Chambers made me realize how loud I can be.

Working with sir and his lawyers helped me understand concepts that I would’ve otherwise not bothered understanding and I’ve taken a new liking to banking law, companies act and all these dull boring subjects, all thanks to working here.

I totally went from zero to hero. I witnessed Sir argue on matters where I researched and made case briefs.

The people were very encouraging and always ready to guide you and for someone as new and young as me, this is an experience I will cherish forever.

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