Internship Experience @ Chambers of Senior Advocate Navin Kumar Jaggi, [SC] Delhi: Congenial Working Environment, Learn Drafting

Internship Jaggi Jaggi and Jaggi Law Firm Delhi
Intern Details

I am Anushree Kanodia, a Second Year Law student at Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology, sharing my personal observation during a month long Internship from 1st July 2015 to 31st July 2015.

Application Procedure

I forwarded my Resume through a contact, but I was selected by a proper procedure and an Interview.


Internship at the chambers of Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, has been an experience that could change your outlook towards the entire Law career.

The Experience of working under Sir, certainly, serves you with an opportunity, to become a toast, while enjoying your Passion of being a Lawyer which is more than just traditional and arduous file work.

I used to go to High Court, New Delhi, which is just walking distance from Mandi house metro station.


The reporting time was 9.00 a.m.

My Internship

I was a part of a Group that had three more interns, who all were Senior to me, but I could really find myself being accepted, and that surely enhances your confidence.

Certainly it is not just about working, but to work in a group, and still stand as an individual lawyer.

Every intern was assigned the work, but the aim was not to laden the intern with workload, but first, they make up to you for a congenial working environment, before entrusting you with work in consonance with one’s area of interest and thus, therefore, worked is assigned accordingly.

I was more curios about, leaning to Draft a Legal Documents, Sir, used to teach different ways through which, I can have command over my Legal Writing. Dictations and sometimes, my own Research helped me to draft Notices, Letters, Case Briefings, etc.

The most peculiar attribute I could point out here, is that you are assigned the tasks directly by Sir, which makes it easy to interact, and the warmth, support and trust he shows in you, encourages you to work harder and better.

Sir, used to share all his experiences and views, about all the Cases, he had undertaken. The more you listen to a Lawyer, who had been highly successful in his life, the more you get to learn.

After finishing our Tasks for the day, I had a two way conversation on Current Issue pertaining to Legal Areas, Social Issues, and tips to handle Clients.

The best part, of the day was when a new Client approached, and you were given a chance to know about the entire matter from the very beginning. Sir, used to ask, us our views, on the particular matter and we were explained the pros and cons of our ideas of solving the matter.

Good Things

There are perks of interning under a Senior Lawyer, as I was enabled with a Court Entry Pass and I had an opportunity, to go the Court on the Dates Sir, had Matters. I was later asked about my Legal Observations during the Matter, which gives you a chance to think as a lawyer rather than just being an Audience.

The Day usually started with a wonderful Coffee and after working hard and studying and drafting documents, the High Court Canteen can always help you to leave work behind and enjoy your Meal to the fullest.

Sir was kind enough to pay, for food and drinks, you consumed the entire day, and he too joined us for the Lunch and Coffee breaks.


Summarizing my whole experience, I would say, while internships can equip you, for your journey and provide you with good shoes, what you achieve is not dependent upon the shoes you wear but the steps you take and a good internship can provide you both, good shoes and a right Direction.

First day I entered the Chamber, with preconceived notion about myself, being an ordinary child who wanted to become a lawyer, but what I gained in a month had not just changed my perception about the life of a Lawyer but also about myself.

I now find myself to be more Determined, Disciplined, Willing to work and Passionate about my Future as a Lawyer.

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