Internship Experience @ Chamber of Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, AOR, Supreme Court, New Delhi: Great exposure, Lots to learn

Intern Details

Name : Chitrangda Rathore

Institute : Jai Narain Vyas, University, Jodhpur ( Faculty of Law )

Year of Study : 4th year 7th semester

Internship Duration

September 18, 2015 – October 18, 2015

“When I found everything lying in front of me to be conquered, fading away, she was the light of hope who directed me to my long lost ambitions and my lost self.”

Coming from the lawyer’s background it is a herculean task to convince your family for an internship outside home until they have tested my capabilities in their own ways.

Although this was a hurdle that prevented me all these years to actually make efforts for internship, but then it struck me all of a sudden that I am lucky to have my own launching pad and I must take my call.

This beincg my actual first serious internship with Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, Advocate on Record, Supreme court of India and also my aunt as a matter of luck, I am honored, rather glad to share it.

Let me get it very clear that for some, this internship maybe doesn’t count as its with a family member, but in my view I cannot have a better launching then this.

It all started when she started telling me things like “I had a strong belief in the fact that you are destined for wonders but I see no zeal and enthusiasm anymore”. The self realization dawned on me and I got reminded of the high aims in life.

Though I was literally dragged to Delhi for this internship, but after coming on the field it all came naturally and I could see the level of commitment that people had, the efforts that were put forward by them became my inspiration.

Early to bed early to rise made me healthy wealthy and wise 

I started my daily routine by waking up at 6:25 each morning which was a task in itself as rising early has never been my cup of tea. Following which was a strict Suryanamaskar schedule before leaving for the office along with my cousins in the form of a twin baggage to be dropped at school on the way.

The most important rule of working with Ms. Aishwarya Bhati is to maintain high level of discipline specifically in 3 areas of managing time, TURNOUT , not using cell phones for leisure.

My first day was also the day when the month-long “Intern ban” was supposed to be lifted in the apex court, and so I went to get my pass made, all set to see the world inside, only to my disappointment as no notice relating to the same was issued.

Not getting into the details of it, at last I got the pass allowing entrance in all the 13 courts for that day.

“The dome of justice” as I call it gave impetus to my newfound inspiration and I started on the journey to see and witness the legal luminaries live.

I took the liberty of the special pass and heard all the 13 courts one after the other.

Every day was like an experience apart with the exposure that I got while attending the court hearings, hearing the wizards of law (ADVOCATES) magically framing each argument in the direction of justice and the wizards of justice (Judges)  adjudicating in a divine manner.

Apart from this I also became a part of the corridor conversations which mostly consisted of the honest yet bitter opinions of the lawyers about the nature of the courts, usually measured on the basis of strictness.

One such belief was that Court no. 1 or the court of the Chief Justice of India presided over by former Chief Justice of India Justice H.L. Dattu was very strict and to get a favorable order in any case was the most difficult task.

Although the court no doubt was strict, still the majority of cases from our office argued by Ms. Aishwarya Bhati were passed in our favor.

My Experiences with law

Knowing my knack not to take things seriously until bashed, Ms. Aishwarya Bhati made sure that I was never without “nothing to do”.

She generally gave me criminal files as to develop my interest in the field and also to prepare it thoroughly and then to brief her upon the facts and the law involved.

One such matter that I came across was relating to dowry death (Kumbha Ram v. State of Rajasthan). It being one of the most important matter’s of the office I was asked to do a detailed research on the law point involved.

This was the time when the famous Aadhar matter i.e. Justice K.S. Puttoswamy v. Union of India, was listed to be argued for deciding the question of Infringement of Right to privacy along with some of the interim petitions filed by various respondents like RBI, SEBI, UIDAI, State of Maharashtra etc to obtain clarifications and modifications on the interim order dated 23rd September 2013 whereby it was decided that it is not mandatory to have an aadhar card for any person to obtain benefits of any service.

As this was a bunch of matters, our office was representing Colonel Thomas Matthews who was one of the petitioners, because of which not only was I fortunate enough to attend the court hearings of this matter and hear the arguments of the big shots of our field like Mr. Sohli Sorabaji, Mr. Gopal Subramanium , Mr. Shyam Diwan, Mr. Mukul Rohatgi but also got the chance to attend rather to participate in the client conferences held at Mr. Gopal Subramanium’s chamber.

These sessions were like an encyclopedic experience which stimulated me to learn more and get into the intricacies of Aadhar.

Due to security reasons and overcrowding of lawyers in the Supreme Court, the law interns are not permitted in the courtrooms on the miscellaneous days i.e. Mondays and Fridays and so these became the days of testing my drafting skills.

Now the most epic experience I had during this internship was a chance happening rather a fluke.

Again it being one of the miscellaneous days I was asked to go to the National Green Tribunal for a plea filed by a NGO “Doctor’s for you “ seeking prohibition on consumption of tobacco in all public places and their proper disposal.

My original task was to prepare the matter thoroughly and keep the boss informed on its status and in case of emergency to take a pass-over.

But it so happened that the matters listed before our matter which was at item no. 102, were a bunch of matters which were disposed off within half an hour, and so I was left with no other alternative but to request the court to grant a Passover.

It being a day of surprise practical law training for me, I had a constant fear that once again the matter will reach and I’ll be on my own, with Ms. Aishwarya Bhati struck in SC and all other associates busy with other jobs the only option left in hand was to stand up and face the music and as feared the matter was called out once again.

This was no time to shy away so I let my fear aside and confidently appeared in front of the court ready to take an adjournment, but again to my surprise Justice Swantantra Kumar asked me to give the facts of the petition and then also brought forth the defects in the file, finally granting notice in the matter on my appearance again to my surprise. What a day it was.

This internship not only was full of super experiences of law and experiments with law  but it also made me believe in myself and to actually walk on Ms. Aishwarya Bhati’s footsteps, hence treating her like a true role model.

I hope this experience acts as an eye opener for all those who are coming from a lawyer’s background and feel that ”at home” internships are good for nothing.

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