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#ChallengingHypocrisy: Online Campaign-cum-Competition

By: Abhimanyu | October 9, 2016

Talking about ‘#ChallengingHypocrisy’, it’s aimed at bringing about an ideological change in the society.

Of all the social problems, we believe the ‘blind followers’ to be the most dangerous, ‘hypocrisy’ to be the most problematic, and ‘unreasonable opinions’ to be poisonous. All other social problems are simply an after-effect!


The aim of this mass online campaign is not to disparage anyone’s opinion but to inculcate a sense of responsible opinion-making in the social mindset. After all, in the age of biased media, the only thing one can rely upon is his own reason!

‘#ChallengingHypocrisy’ is a purely non-profit social initiative by ‘The Law Blog’. However, to encourage participation, and raise the standards, a provision for awards is there.

What you have to do

Look around you. Find things which you think needs to be changed. Find a reason why it should be changed. Explain how it’s unreasonable or hypocrite.

Open your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Post your thoughts. Your post can be a photo followed by text, a video, or simply text. Just make sure it’s relevant.

Add the following hashtags:



Make sure the post privacy is changed to public.

Send the link to your post via Whatsapp to +91 8280 049 924.

You have to do this once in every three (3) days for the whole month of November 2016. That is, your first post should come on 1 Nov, second post on 4 Nov,… and tenth post on 28 Nov. And each time you post it, send the link via Whatsapp immediately.

Lastly, just keep in mind that the post should only be a critical appraisal of a social behaviour, or norm, or anything but not offensive, vulgar, or intended or capable of invoking communal disharmony.

That’s all! Happy posting!

What we all get out of this

We don’t see it as some one-time event; we see it as the starting point to something much bigger, something much longer. We expect this campaign to start a trend of ‘using social media not merely as a platform to post selfies but also as a platform for social engineering and mass opinion-shaping; we expect the youngsters to make the most out of social media by using it as an agent of social change and as a platform tochallenge hypocrisy and unreasonability.

What you get out of this

Opportunity to serve the society:

First and foremost, you’ll be making a contribution to the society you’re a part of. Not everyone gets that opportunity!

Certificate of participation:

All the participants, who have posted 10 posts punctually throughout the month, will be awarded with a certificate of participation.

Prove your talent:

Get ahead of the long list. Top 10 participants will be awarded with a certificate of excellence.

Get awarded:

The participant who tops the list will be awarded with INR 1,000, and the second participant will be awarded with INR 500.


You’re invited. Irrespective of your age, gender, qualification, or socio-economic background, you’re invited to take part in this mass online campaign.

Let’s make a change, together!


+91 7060 324 928 (Call)

+91 8280 049 924 (Whatsapp)

Email: [email protected]

Website is HERE.

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