Internship Experience @ Centre of Air and Space Law, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad: Learn the Basics of International Law

Intern Details

Name: Harsh Mahaseth

Name of College: NALSAR University of Law

Year of Study: Second Year

Duration of the Internship

1st December, 2015 – 3rd January, 2016

The Rare Opportunity

There are not many places in India where you can intern in an area which is related to outer space laws.

So I was ecstatic to see the acceptance of my internship at the Centre of Air and Space Law, NALSAR University of Law.

The Centre of Air and Space Law is arguably the best air and space law centre in South Asia. It was established in 2005 and has introduced innovative graduate and post-graduate courses that have seen quite a rise in the present day.

Once the internship started it just kept on getting more interesting.

I literally squealed and started jumping (once everyone was out of the room) when I saw that the interns were given an entire room with a cubicle each.

The First Rocket Gets the Glory

As the website had said that it provides students with internships, I did go and talk to the centre and Prof. Balakista Reddy immediately accepted the internship as not many people had shown interest in the area of air and space law.

An internship mail along with your CV should be sent to [email protected] and they generally get back to you within a couple of days.

However, I remember that a few of my friends were rejected because we were already accepted for the internship. So apply as soon as possible to get a better chance of acceptance.

Quality over Quantity

The internship lasted four weeks: 9 AM to 5 PM, six working days and a holiday on Sunday.

This may sound rigorous though Prof. Reddy did say and I quote “Working in the internship is important but remember to also have fun and enjoy your food.”

Since breakfast was always late I reached the work place at around 9:30 AM and stayed till 6 PM or until I completed the assignment given to me. The important thing was to finish the work rather than how long I remain in the office.

As I interned here during my third semester break I had no background knowledge in international law.

Prof. Reddy took time out of his really busy schedule and taught me and a co-intern the basics of international law and what we should refer to in order to be in a better position. Prof. Reddy came into the office everyday to check on us and see whether we had any difficulties or problems with our work.

The work given was at times not relevant to air or space law but when work was given I was expected to make a complete analysis of it. I was expected to start from the basic level and look into every single area of law and try and relate it with space laws.

The work was hectic but the deadlines were flexible as Prof. Reddy did not mind as long as you learn something new every day.

Living in Justice City

For accommodation the interns were provided with rooms in the University Guest House and food was cooked by a chef.

Interns had to pay a certain amount of money for the food but the value for money for the food cooked was quite good.

Apart from the food in the guest house the only source of food, apart from the village which was a few kilometers away and long journeys to the city, was Ammas a small tea stall where you get amazing bhajjis.

Also BigBasket was a life savior as it consists of all the daily necessities and has one day deliveries and it also started express deliveries which deliver the items within an hour.

Apart from this there are “dhabas” nearby that serve food that gives a change in taste. However, Ammas was the place for my 5’o clock tea and bhajjis while enjoying the scenic beauty that surrounded me.

Roaming around Shameerpet is a real adventure; however make sure not to go anywhere alone. I explored Shameerpet a lot along with my co-interns. We climbed tanks, went to lakes, even to a defence research organization and also witnessed mine blasts!

The End

After 4 weeks of fun and adventure the internship had to come to an end. There was no stipend and I wasn’t even expecting one considering the fact that I got accommodation and food as well.

During the duration of the internship I learnt a lot about space law and I had enough time to even write a couple of papers pertaining to this area. The letter and Prof. Reddy’s recommendation will definitely help me later on when I apply to firms that practice in the area of aerospace and defense.

The internship was very helpful if you want to consider a future in air and space law and I will be forever grateful to Prof. Reddy for giving me such an opportunity.

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