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Internship Experience @ Centre for Disability Studies, NALSAR, Hyderabad: Research on Plight & Rights of Persons with Disability

By: The Admin | July 21, 2017

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Shobhit Mani Gopal, Dr. Ram Mnaohar Lohiya National Law Univresity, 3rd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Centre for Disability Studies, NALSAR, Hyderabad

Application Process with contact details

I got to know about the internship from a friend of mine,who had previously interned there and also gave me the details regarding the email and contact numbers.

One has to apply at least two months prior to the desired period of internship.They usually start with their first slot from 15th of June,and with the second slot from 1st July.

To apply for the same one can send a cover letter along with a statement of purpose to [email protected] which is the email address of the Secretary, Padma Ma’am of Professor Amita Dhanda.

Duration of Internship and timings

I was selected for the first slot and my internship period was of one month, 15th June, 2016 – 15th July, 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first thing we did after we reached was the payment of charges for our accommodation and meals. Later at the centre we basically had interaction with the co-interns and of course Padma ma’am.

Since, Prof. Amita Dhanda was on a sabbatical leave during our internship, Padma ma’am and our mentor, Mrs. Nishtha Singh were guiding us.

So, day one was the hey, hi and introduction day, which eventually ended with an orientation session by Mrs. Nishtha Singh.

Main tasks

All the nine interns were a part of the same topic or head, the sub-heads or the sub-topics were divided among all in groups of two or three.

The research that we actually did was in the field of Disability Rights, plight and rights of the persons with disability.

Each one of ours report dealt with the same from a different perspective,like mine was from the perspective of social inclusion another intern got to write from virtual reality perspective, accessibility perspective and likewise.

Work environment and people

The work environment was really chill. All the interns got too close with each other that we actually shared our ideas and helped each other both during research and while drafting the draft too.

Best things

I have listed the best things below:

– The college had a lake nearby and many resorts that were a good place to hang-out and chill during weekends,or often after the day at centre.

– Networking reaches to a all new different level, if interning at NALSAR.

– The food at mess was really good and all the annas, bhaiyas at mess & canteens, treated the interns very nicely!

Bad things

I have listed down the bad things below:

– We were not allowed to go out of the campus between 9-5.

– No stipend

– The college was 35 kms far from the city.

– Getting a cab while at NALSAR was a matter of luck,and the autowalas literally used to charge really high.

– The humid weather.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Five biggest lessons that I learnt:

– Never be late.

– Research needs time.

– Be expressive and illustrative in your writing.

– Always quote statistics and similar data from Central Or State Ministries’s Sites only.

– Talk to people,it will make new doors open.

Any Other Thing

The pain is worth what you learn!


The best thing about interning at NALSAR was that they accommodated us with in their hostel rooms of PG scholars which had an attached washroom plus we were provided breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, tea coffee, like the regular students in just Rs. 5000/- for the entire one month duration that we stayed there, which I found was really very very economic.

It actually saved a lot of money!

Office Timings

We were required to report at 9:00 everyday,except for Sundays.

The timings could be relaxed and you could go a little late if you knew when Padma ma’am and Nishtha ma’am were to arrive, because both of them used to be very annoyed in case we did not reach on time,or before they did.

Also, if not present at the centre you had to be present at the library by that time failing to which the Librarian used to report our names to Padma ma’am.

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