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Internship Experience @ Centre for Child and the Law, NLSIU Bangalore: NLSIU library is the best part of the internship



Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.  

Centre for Child and the Law, National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Nagarbhavi, Bangalore. The Center has three separate departments each with a separate team of some three to four members.

On applying you will have to choose one of the departments whose head then becomes your supervisor.

They have a separate office in the UG block of the college where all the teams work together. They are all very warm and friendly and work like a family.


4th December, 2015 – 2nd January, 2015

I interned there for one month in December. The timings were 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., six days a week. 

Application procedure

You can just¬†drop¬†a mail to¬†[email protected]¬†and they respond pretty fast. You will be asked to send a write up and to choose one of the three departments to work under, i.e.,

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Right¬†to education
  • Right to Food

So it’s better if you already keep one of these programs in mind and apply for that. I chose Right to Food.

The JJ program is apparently the oldest and most established and they have a rigorous filtration of the write ups.



The supervisors will be a little strict and expect you to adhere to the deadlines. The RTF team is the newest addition to the list and you can see that in their approach.

The supervisors are easily approachable and chilled out and will always be there to guide which is good, but you may sometimes feel that the things are a little slack.

You meet your supervisor daily once in the morning, they assign you the work for the day, discuss about your progress on the work that you have undertaken and you are supposed to sign the attendance register.

After that the interns are supposed to go the Library and start with the day’s work.

You get a half an hour lunch break at 1.30 after which you are supposed to resume work till 5 in the evening and then you are supposed to go back to meet your supervisor and update him or her about what work you did that day.

Now only if you can keep a secret, I’d tell you that nobody really keeps a check on whether you sit in the library or not.

So you may as well go back to your rooms or PGs after meeting the supervisor, as long as you finish your work in time. You might be expected to keep your supervisor updated on your progress in the assigned work by emailing them the reports.

The NLSIU library is the best part of the internship.

It is huge, well equipped, Wi-Fi enable, has an excellent collection of books and also has a small Xerox corner. You can often see foreign visitors there. Though interns are not allowed to issue books, they are allowed to get photocopies of the books from the library.


On the first day the supervisor discusses about the work that they undertake, explains things and tells you what is expected of you. You will be assigned a topic to research on and they will give you a few articles, books or bare acts to read. You will be asked to get the library passes.

The work mostly deals with researching about the topic and preparing a report on the same.

However, on a few occasions you may be assigned some clerical work which you may not enjoy. I was asked to research on global distributive justice. The topic really interested me and I learnt a lot and I’ve continued my research on it even after the internship.

We were just five interns in our department. Apart from our individual projects, we were also assigned a group project as we had specially requested them for a field visit.

We were asked to study about the ICDS system in detail, various related provisions, prepare questionnaires for anganwdi workers and beneficiaries.

The CCL RTE team has an extension office in a nearby village. With their help we went to two rural Anganwadi Centres and interacted with the workers, helpers and the families of the children, and observed the functioning of the Anganwadis. It was a great learning experience.


The travel and food expenses for the same were borne by CCL. After coming back, we had to prepare a report on the same. We had a junior supervisor who could communicate in Kannada and it was with his help that we could understand what the workers and parents in the villages had to say.

On the last working day, the interns are supposed to present their work in front of the whole CCL office and CCL Head, Elizabeth ma’am.


Although they will bluntly refuse to provide you accommodation, you can find out if there are rooms available in the hostel, by contacting the right people. The hostel warden might help you with that, just request for her contact number or email id.

Girls are more likely to get accommodation. They have two seater rooms so you might have to share it with a co intern. But if you are lucky like me, you might end up getting the whole room to yourself.

The room rent is Rs. 125 per day. If you are not able to find a room, there are some good PGs and flats near that area too. But I would recommend you to try staying in the hostel as it is a great experience in itself.

The whole campus has excellent wifi connectivity.

The mess food is decent enough.

You will get a pretty good meal for Rs. 40 and snacks for Rs. 15. The food charges are Rs. 135 per day.

You can buy coupons and eat if you stay in a PG or somewhere else. There are also two pretty good food outlets in the campus and there is also one chetta’s shop which is very popular among the students.

You get Cheese Maggi/ Yippie, cheese omelet, Oreo shake, cold coffee and a lot of other things. There is a canteen in the UG block. Right outside the campus are various food outlets, fruit juice shops, bakeries, fast food corners and you must surely try the hot crispy jalebis and kachoris which a vendor sells nearby.

The college is pretty far from the main city and the traffic of Bangalore only makes it worse but then you get almost everything around the college itself.


They do not have sufficient funds to be able to give stipends. But the experience of actually living and working in NLSIU is worth it.

Good Things

The certificate and recommendation letter that they give you at the end of your internship is really good.

You learn to research.

You get to stay and work in The best law school of the country, what could be more inspiring?

The field trip to anganwadis (They do not always take interns on field trips. But if you are interested in something of that sort, you can request them.

The library

You will get to learn a lot if you interact with people there. The supervisors and the internship coordinator Samuel sir are all very knowledgeable and ready to guide.

Bad things

Sitting in the library for the whole day could become monotonous.

No stipend.

Slack atmosphere for interns sometimes.

At the end I’d say that this internship is worth it if you like research work and would like to get a better insight and work experience in every law student’s paradise РNational law school of India University.

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