Internship Experience @ CAMP, Bangalore: Real-life Mediation Experience; Workshop Worth Rs. 10K for Free!

Name, College Year

Subeesh Hrishikesh, 2nd year student at Govt. Law College Kozhikode

Name and Address of the Organisation

Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice, #46, 36th Main, BTM Dollar Scheme, Bangalore 560068, India

Application Process

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Send an email to but make sure to follow up. More details on their website

Duration of Internship

Total Period: 1 month,  Timings: 10 am – 5 pm; Saturday and Sundays are off.

Overall Experience

Summer internship started with a long day, my second internship was at CAMP (Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice), Bangalore. I was alone for this internship. Some of my friends wanted to do an internship at CAMP but they couldn’t make it because of many reasons. I reached CAMP’s office near Madiwala at around 9.50 AM.

On my first day, Aparna explained what basically CAMP do, it was easy to follow because I have already gone through camps webpage, then she assigned me to read Afcons Judgement.

The Afcons judgement is a recent one which heavily deals with Alternative Dispute Practices in India. Afcons standing is purely based on something like interpretation on section 89 of CPC, purposive construction of statutes, Salem BAR 1 & 2, From my first day I got a chance to use their library. I began to read Getting Yes with Your self and other worthy opponents by William Ury on my second day.

In my very first days, I  got plenty of time to read. I completed that book by my first week.  I was given some clerical office work by Brinda, she deals with the office things of CAMP.

On my 3rd day  I was able to shadow a real-life mediation in District consumer redressal forum it’s a dispute between airline carrier and its customer. In that case, an Airline carrier lost customers Luggage in connection flights. It was mediated by Adv. Maryanne Thomas and Asha Sathyanarayanan, who are experienced mediators. It was a second session of mediation. In that session, I felt power imbalance but since it’s a consumer court, the law stood in the consumer’s viewpoint.

On my  4th day, I was able to attend a mediation session in Karnataka state consumer redressal commission which was mediated by Maryanne Thomas, Aparna and Asha Sathyanarayan. The dispute was between a builder and some of its buyers. It is a 12-year-old case. It was the first session. The mediators gave an introduction about what is mediation, and heard both sides and helped the parties to reach a self-determined solution.

My days in CAMP were like the above. I have witnessed plenty of real-life mediations. That’s the best part of interning with CAMP. Due to confidentiality, we may not be able to attend mediations in real life, but CAMP’s interns get that chance.

Another thing is the time they spend with us. Even CAMP’s founder Adv. Lailla Ollapally a senior most advocate spends hours with us, discussing topics and clearing our doubts. Luckily I was able to attend a workshop done by CAMP on mediation for free (it normally costs 10000 rupees for a day). It was a lifetime experience.

As a pioneer institution in the mediation, CAMP is the best option to intern for someone who is interested in mediation. I had to do extensive research work to help them to prepare a paper on Afcons judgement. Aparna is incharge for interns and she will take care of all interns well. It was a very good experience and it will make you an expert on the topic.

Main tasks

To research in mediation especially in Afcons judgement and I also required to attend/shadow real-life mediation at different places.

Good things

Get exposure to real life mediation and experience it.

Bad things

You will not get paid for any expenses incurred. Eg: you have to travel to attend mediation. It’s far from the office and Bangalore travel fares are very high.

Stipend, if any?


Accommodation and commuting

You have to find them yourself.


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