Internship Experience @ Central Information Commission (CIC), New Delhi: Practical Experience and Flexible Timings

Intern Details

Name – Rahul Goyal

Name of college – Raffles University

Year of study – 1st year, I sem.

Duration of Internship

1st January, 2016 to 21st January, 2016 (Three weeks)

My Objective

The prime objectives of doing internships are  learning and gaining knowledge apart from the regular curriculum of the college as well as boosting your C.V. Internships allows the students to develop and channelize their practical skills in various subject fields.

As my college is relatively a newly established college, it is yet to earn that name and fame which other “prestigious law colleges” have  already earned. So, if I were to stand amongst the students of other top university in this competitive world, I needed an internship which could make me learn as well as add significantly to my C.V.

So, after consulting my seniors, I came to know about CIC, New Delhi. They told me that it is one of the best place to intern in the first year, other option being NHRC (National Human Rights Commission).

Application Procedure

The procedure of application is simple. You simply have to send an email to the  the site [email protected] which should include your reason to intern at CIC, duration of internship, scanned copy of  recommendation letter from the college, I.D. card of your college and most importantly your C.V.

The official website of CIC is where you can get  answer to your queries regarding application procedure. With the assistance of seniors, I got a chance to intern at CIC.

First Day

The first day of internship was a perfect blend of excitement and nervousnes. As, earlier, I only heard about ‘internship’, but now I was actually a part of it.

I along with my two classmates were together doing internship.

On the first day we were introduced to the information commissioner Mr. Sridhar Acharyulu and the staff of CIC. The commissioner  exempted us from doing any work on the first day of the internship but directed us to prepare the report on RTI cases.

Main Tasks

I was asked to prepare a report on RTI cases dealt by Sridhar Acharyulu which were filed under the ministry of law and justice. I was also assigned to mention the legal issues pertaining in those cases, directions given by the commissioner and suggestions given by him.

Also, loopholes in RTI act along with its importance in the society as well as its role in safeguarding public interest was to be mentioned in the report.

Working Hours

Though the  official timings of CIC office was 9 am  to 6 pm,  yet they were flexible and luxurious for us.

As, we generally reached to the office by 11 am and left it by 4 pm.

There was even a one hour break for lunch between 1 pm to 2 pm which we enjoyed a lot.

Activities done during office hours

We were made to work in the CIC court room in which only the intern worked. There was no such strict checking or inspection done on the part of the information commissioner or the CIC staff to keep a check on us.

So, we three really took advantage of it. We rarely  “worked” there and spent time on watching movies in our laptops and accessing  social media sites in our mobile phones.

During the lunch time, we went to a nearby foodcourt which was in the Ansal Chambers, bhikaji cama place, New Delhi. You can get a wide variety of both veg. And non veg. Food items.

Metro Journey

In the capital city, we were staying in one of the p.g. in Saket area ( Bhardwaj P.G.). It was located close to the saket metro station. From there we used to catch train for AIIMS metro station and then took an auto to the CIC office which was in August Kranti Bhawan, Bikaji Cama place.

I guess it was the shortest possible route to CIC office which was convenient for us. This was our routine for the 21 day internship.


The most important perk of the CIC came in the form of holiday on Saturday which meant that we were to enjoy our weekends without any workload.

Another facility was a spacious room which was given us to work where we could maitain our “privacy” as there were no cctvs for surveillance and no physical inspection done by the authority.

This tempted us to “bunk” from the office and enjoy Delhi-life. Also. Proximity to delicious food stalls added to our comfort and taste.

Most Informative Segment of Internship at CIC Office

This section took place in the form of court proceedings which we witnessed while sitting in the office of  the information commissioner. While hearing the proceedings, we felt as if we were connected to the appellants and their grievances.

There was a lot to learn from those hearings. We learnt the implementation of the RTI Act and the practical applications of it.

Number of cases were dealt by the information commissioner in a single day. It was great to see some RTI applicants who were working for the welfare of the society without any personal gains.

If you really want to learn something practical and know about the subject of public interest, then witnessing case proceedings is must.

Last Day at CIC

The internship which began on 1st January, 2016 came to its end on 21st January, 2016.

On the last day, we were supposed to submit our internship report whcih was not appreciated by the information commissioner who suggested certain changes and additions in it.

I was having a fear whether he would like my report or not. I even wondered what will happen if he didn’t accepted my report? Whether I would be getting the internship certificate or not? But, with a positive approach I completed my report with the required changes and submitted to the commissioner.

With my fingers crossed, I waited for his satisfactory response and acceptance. Hurray! He appreciated by my report atlast. He even awarded me the certificate and wished me luck for my future endeavours in life. I happily received the certificate and took leave of the entire CIC office.

Things to Learn & Acknowledge

An internship is all about learning and enjoying yourself while doing work which is in contrast to bookish course of our subjects.

At CIC,  I learnt that legally our country may be democratic, but there are certain lacunas which limits the scope of democracy and good governance. Our system needs to be transparent and corruption free .

For achieving this purpose, the CIC under the shadow of the RTI Act, 2005 is really playing a vital role and putting sincere efforts.

I also realised that all government organisations are not useless in assisting and solving problems of the common people.

Life in New Delhi

Life in the capital city is really amazing. There are many historical places to visit. A wide range of food stuffs are available to fill your tummy. I personally enjoy spicy food items like pani puri, bhel puri, chaat etc.

I can’t forget to mention the momos of Delhi, especially that of Delhi haat. One must try them, if you are looking for the real taste.

Delhi is also a shopping centre. You can get branded products at Connaught place and cheaper clothes and products at the famous Palika Bazaar. But, be a smart buyer and don’t forget to bargain.

You need to be  a good bargainer in Delhi when you are shopping or travelling in autos.

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