Internship Experience @ Center for Social Justice (CSJ), Ahmedabad: Exposure to the Real World

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Krusha Bhatt, AURO University, 1st year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Center for Social Justice (CSJ), Ahmedabad with a strength of 50 volunteers approximately

Application Process with contact details

Students from our batch were selected through Placement cell of our university, although Prof. Kiran Gardner Mam had her contacts with the NGO so those who wanted their internships in Ahmedabad, were selected by her.

Students were not provided with any contact details, after our enrollment we had to visit them and get our acceptance letter.

Duration of Internship and timings

1 Month, 15th June, 2014 to 15th July, 2014.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the very first day we were asked to introduce ourselves, also they introduced themselves as well. Noopur mam was heading us and Roshan sir was supporting her.

Basically on the very first day they explained us what they have been working and how they want us to work with them during our internship period.

Noopur mam introduced us with the issues related to police atrocities, woman atrocities, domestic violence, dowry tradition still going on rural areas of Gujarat.

Also they showed us one documentary made by their team on such issues to well verse us with the current scenario.

The office is on the ground floor of the building, where they have different rooms and a little open area in front of the main door of the office where we can sit around a table.

As they are operating at very basic level, they do not have attractive infrastructure, and as we were 14 students doing internship together, we used to sit on the floor in a circle.

Main tasks

The main task was to bring awareness amongst rural population regarding the problems faced by them, while in Ahmedabad we researched upon some cases given by them, also presented in front of everyone.

While we were in Dang, we used to perform ‘Nukkad Natak’ in different nearby villages of Dang, that we had prepared. We also had prepared a song in Gujarati, which goes as follows:

“Amne to em hatu ke jungle leelu chham hase; (2)
Jungle leelu chham hase, loko ne leela leher hase;
Pahad hase (Claps twice), Zaad (tree) hase (Claps twice), Zarna hase (claps twice);
Pan ahi to evu kasu j natty”

For performing Nukkad Natak, we were divided into 2 groups, 7 students each, and everyday in Dang two different groups used to visit different villages and we were supposed to go to each and every hose in that particular village, gather information or note any abnormal activity, if any.

In a period of 7 days in Dang, we visited different villages nearby and distributed pamphlets which contained different problems that can be considered as crimes for which they can seek help.

Work environment and people

People around there were very friendly although strict. They were always ready to help us whenever we ask them, but very particular about the word allotted.

Best things

The best thing was the practical knowledge that we got while on a field trip to Dang, exposure to “real world” totally different than books.

Bad things




Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson I learned was to live without luxury, while in Dang, we got our stay in a guest house, without AC, in hot summer in the month of June, without internet, without even network at times, without proper sanitation and food facilities, no transportation services, no proper beds or rooms to live in with too many mosquitos. So that was the biggest lesson I got from this internship.

Any Other Thing

If you come from a non- gujarati family, then it might get a little difficult for you to work mechanically with them, because their major working is with the rural area, and interns are asked to talk to those people which can only efficiently be done if you know the local language, because they don’t easily open up about their problems.

I would like to share one of the experiences on witch craft, where a village threw a widow out of the village because they thought that she was performing some black magic and hence she did not have any place to live.

Initially she did not share anything with us, then girls from our group consoled her and tried to talk to her regarding the issue. After quite a some time, she opened up and told everything to us.


I am a resident of Ahmedabad so I didn’t require any accommodation facilities, but there are good PG options available, depending upon the economic conditions; students can select one, I suggest that if you plan to do it in summer vacation, please take accommodation with Ac rooms because summer is burning hot in Ahmedabad.

Office Timings

We did not have fixed timings, although reporting time was kept fixed at 10 am.

At times we had to work till 8pm as well, in between we went to Dang for a field experience. There timings were fluctuating.

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