Internship Experience at Center for Human Security Studies [CHSS], Hyderabad: Private Security Agency Regulation Act Research Work


Name of the Students, College and Year of Study

V V Shashank Uppalapati, ICFAI Law School, 3rd Year.

Name of the Organisation, State and City

Center for Human Security Studies (CHSS), Hyderabad, Telangana.

About the Organisation: CHSS is a Human Security Think Tank focused on Internal Security and External Affairs of India. In addition, CHSS is India’s First Mobile Think Tank on Internal Security and External Affairs.

Duration of Internship

22nd May 2019 to 6th July 2019

Timings: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Application Process

One can choose to fill this internship form or can mail their CV to contactchss[at]

Infrastructure, First impression, First-day Formalities

CHSS is located in a sprawling 33-acre MCRHRD campus, in the heart of Hyderabad. It is a lush green area and access to free transport from Jubilee Hills to the office.

The first impression was mesmerizing and on the very first day, I had the orientation session by the Founder of CHSS, Dr. Ramesh Kanneganti and had the chance to interact with the guests. This might come as a little surprise to the readers. Interns have access not just to the library but also to the gymnasium and swimming pool.

The very outset, I was introduced to my research associate, co-interns and other staff members. Daily reporting is mandatory.

Main Tasks

Ramesh sir assigns Most of the tasks. The topics we work on have huge importance, as most of the areas of research would be in the fields of Security, Foreign policy and Law. We used to get daily tasks, which were actually short and can be completed in a shorter period; we are also awarded a small stipend once the task is accomplished.

However, my main task and subject were on Internal Security and Laws regulating in India. I worked on a plethora of laws and policies, which involved various International laws and conventions, but to be precise I focussed my research on Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005. My research involved critical examination and analysis of the PSARA Act and various other laws.

Apart from the Main research topic, we are also given some ground projects to make the security assessment of Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd (HMRL), which came as a little refreshment.

Good Things

The best thing Interns could grab was Ramesh sir’s constant motivation and support throughout the internship. A lot can be learned the way Ramesh sir invests his time and energy into his work. We had frequent guest visits to the office, ranging from Home Secretary of India to reputed media members, policy analysts and Chiefs of various law enforcement agencies like CID, NGO’s and reputed professors from JNU & HCU who delivered the talks.

Our topics were made the center of discussion with the guests and this is something I can never forget, it worked as good support and guide to us. We received many valuable inputs from the guests, which helped us a lot in our research. I honed my research skills with this internship at CHSS.

Apart from the daily routine, we had education trips to other neighbouring states, we had a great chance to directly interact and discuss our research topics with the DGP of Andhra Pradesh and many more in the list lines up. All our transport and food were sponsored by CHSS during the visits.

We even enjoyed playing cricket during the weekends and the food here is worthy.

Bad Things

There were no bad things as such.


You will be awarded a stipend based on your task completion.

Accommodation and Commute

I am from Hyderabad and transport was not an issue, one can use Metro or bus facility to reach the office. Hostel facilities are available within the MCRHRD institute. One can avail this facility during the joining of the internship.


Undoubtedly, this was my greatest internship experience and a place where life lessons were taught. One should seriously try a diverse and unique experience at CHSS.

On a whole at CHSS – good people, good times and good food.

That’s all for now! I have attached an image during our interaction with the DGP of Andhra Pradesh. I hope that get’s posted too.

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