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Introducing Law School Reviews: Comments and Suggestions Invited

Presently, there is a dearth of information about law schools. After the top 10-15 law schools, law aspirants are confused as to how good or bad an X, Y or Z law college is.

An Extra-Legal League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [Via The Wire/Shamnad Basheer]

From the Collegium to the Bar Council and now the CLAT exam, the Indian legal universe is run by cliques who are not accountable to anyone other than themselves.

Via BBC: In pictures: Inside an Indian High Court (Patna)

Link shared by Charulatha Banerjee, mother of a lawyer in waiting! Her email is reproduced below, with consent: I am no lawyer just the mother of a lawyer in waiting - my son has found a place in NALSAR this year. I have been following LAWCTOPUS and find it engaging and informative- not to forget to mention the humour in some posts. Came across this photo feature on the BBC - perhaps you would find it interesting: Wishing you and the team all the very best.

Meet Up: Launch of Legal Hackers [April 25, New Delhi]

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subhadeep khan

Candle Light March: The Demand for Justice for Doctor Subhadeep Khan [Candle Light March, Kolkata, April 5, 4.30 PM]

A candle light march is being organised on April 5, 2015 from Rani Rashmoni Road, Dharamtala to College Square, Kolkata at 4.30 pm to support the cause of justice for Subhadeep and to prevent future abuse of benevolent laws like Section 498A of the IPC.

REVEALED: Salaries and Packages of BIG and small Recruiters

The initial results via the Lawctopus survey. Fill the form in the post and help us generate more information.

Legal Recruiters’ Salary Information Survey by Lawctopus

ET, Business Standard and the like shout out the 12+ Lakhs PA packages offered by the top 3-4 law firms, misleading the gullible parents and law aspirants. The true picture wrt the salary and packages offered by the bulk of the legal recruiters remains unseen. Let us bring the salary information out in the open! And don't worry, your identity will be kept completely confidential! Information will be published on and updated from time to time.
Charlie Hebdo attack, i am charlie

I am Charlie

If speech rights only protected polite comments that everyone could agree with, we wouldn’t need them. At different points, even France's devoutly secular politicians have questioned whether the magazine went too far. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius once asked of its cartoons, "Is it really sensible or intelligent to pour oil on the fire?" It is, actually. Part of Charlie Hebdo's point was that respecting these taboos strengthens their censorial power. Worse, allowing extremists to set the limits of conversation validates and entrenches the extremists' premises: that free speech and religion are inherently at odds (they are not), and that there is some civilizational conflict between Islam and the West (there isn't).

Have Lawyers Taken the ‘Warmth’ Out of the Movie Industry? Ajay Devgn Things So [VIA FORBES INDIA]

If I were to put it in one phrase, “everything became a contract” and somewhere we lost that warmth in the industry.
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Lawctopus Turns 4 Today! [Rant Follows, Read at your own Peril]

Sometimes it's the doubters smirk which eggs us on, sometimes it's a friend's encouraging word, sometimes the random message from the random law student and sometimes it's the enticing deal by a big advertiser. But what keeps us going day in and day out is a realization that it is Lawctopus' dharma to serve law students.


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