Category: Internships and Small Projects

Internship Opportunity @ Martand Legal Advisors, Hyderabad: Stipend of Rs.5K/month

Martand Legal Advisors is a legal and secretarial services firm, headquatered in Hyderabad with one branch in Chennai. The firm facilitates and ensures various compliances with laws and regulations pertaining to corporate amd financial matters. The firm is known for delivering quality services and representing clients in India as well as across the globe.

Internship Experience @ Titus & Co., New Delhi: Research Related Work, Strict Work Environment, Rs.10,000 Stipend

We were given research which was quite useful for us even in academics (I realized this, after resuming my law school) and then there were some high profile cases and matters, and trust me, the enthusiasm you have while researching for such matters cannot be defined in words. Overall experience was really very, very good.

Internship Experience @ Legal Cell, Mahyco Pvt Ltd, a Seeds Company in Jalna (Aurangabad, Maharasthra) : Magnificent Office, Dearth of Work, Stipend of Rs. 7500

I was assigned to analyze the potential impact of the Seeds Bill, 2011 and the BRAI Bill 2011. Apart from that, I was assigned no other work. So, most of the time, I was with very less work or no work at all. The main tasks for the internship were quite limited. By Yugaank

Internship Experience @ UKCA Law Chambers, New Delhi: Corporate & Civil Law Research, No Stipend

You have to write a nice cover letter attaching your Curriculum Vitae form. Other than that you have to attach the bona-fide letter of your respective institute. Please maintain a formal tone while writing the email. You can mail your CV at [email protected] Avi Dhirendra, National Law University, Odisha, 2nd Year

Internship Experience @ Sankhla & Associates, New Delhi: Litigation Oriented Office , Drafting and Research Work, No Stipend

But over all the associates along with the staff were very co-operative so it was not too difficult to handle and most of the times not at all difficult. (You just need to know how to deal and give required respect to individuals around you, rest falls into place.) By Harshit Tiwari, UPES, 3rd

Judicial Internship Experience @ Justice AK Pattnaik, Supreme Court: Sit there and hear the finest of arguments by reputed lawyers like Jethmalani or Salve

His Lordship is very friendly and down to earth. As he is a well-wisher and also a regular visitor to our University, we had a lot of time talking over many different issues. Office staffs were also very cooperative. By Abhijeet Kumar, NLUO, 4th year