Category: Conferences and Seminars

IIT Kharagpur’s National Colloquium on Legal Research and Methodology [Nov 1-2]; For PhD Students

Realizing the ever widening application of 'law' and to neutralize the ongoing intrigues and challenges taking place all through, it has become inevitable to revisit 'the structural and operational facets' of law and to draw inference for innovative research. In furtherance of the same, RGSOIPL is organizing a Two-day National Colloquium on Legal Research

Call for Papers: National Seminar on UN and World Peace, Achievements, Failures and Reforms [Sep 24-25]; Submit by Aug 31

The first page of the full paper and abstract should not contain authors’ identification at any point, and should commence with article title, followed by an abstract of not more than 500 words and a maximum of five relevant keywords. All papers (abstract and full) must be submitted on [email protected]; [email protected]

Call for Papers: ILS National Conference on Revisiting Freedom of Religion [Sep 13-14]: Submit Abstracts by Aug 16

Theme 1. Gender Equality vis-a-vis Personal Laws 2. Capturing Textual Matrix of Religious Freedom under Indian Constitution 3. Muslim Personal Laws vis-a-vis Uniform Civil Code 4. Codified and Uncodified Personal Laws vis-à-vis Judicial Response 5. Caste, Personal Laws and Informal Adjudicatory Bodies

Call for Papers: International Conference on Impact of Globalization on Indian Financial System [Aug 30-31]; Register by Aug 8

Selected papers will be edited and published in a book with ISBN Code. Top 20 selected papers will be edited and published in a journal (Special Edition) with ISSN Code. Papers should be formatted with A4 size, font size 12 (Times New Roman), single line spacing not exceeding 5 pages in WORD file. Papers should