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Internship Experience @ HOPE Foundation, Kolkata: When you teach somebody it gives you an immense satisfaction

The NGO mainly deals with promotion of education amongst the under privileged children. They stay in slums or at the roadside. Here they are taught the basics of education that why education is needed and the problems that they will face if they are illiterate.

Internship @ Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim: Practical Field Work, Co-operative People, No Stipend

It was basically a task where practical field work was required and I had to make people, the local people aware of health and hygiene. Then I was told to make report on the everyday basis and about the knowledge I gained from that. It was a great experience and I came across the truth

Internship @ Legal Aid Services, West Bengal LASWEB, Kolkata : Work with Justice DK Basu, No Stipend, Rated 9/10

We also had a chance to observe techniques of cross examination and the like. Luckily , I also got a chance to work at Justice D.K. Basu's office. There were a lot of interesting cases on family settlements, matrimonial disputes and so on. We got a chance to interact with several lawyers. By

Internship Experience @ Centre for Development Studies and Activity, Pune: Research and Brainstorming Work, Efficient Work Division, Friendly Work Environment

Also, the office is situated in the centre of a cluster of trees and you can see only greenery as far as the eye goes, with the exception of some ongoing construction work nearby. The architecture is so well that none of the offices need to be lighted with electricity as long as the sun

Internship Experience @SOS Organics, Almora, Uttarakhand : Mountains can teach you lot more than any college can

Although there was hardly anything “legal” about this internship but I would still recommend people give it a shot since it really affects you and changes you for good or as Santosh puts it, “Mountains, especially Himalayas, can teach you lot more than any college can.” By Vinayak Pant, III semester, University School Of

Internship @ TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute), Delhi: My first internship experience made me self dependent

I said since I am a first year law student, hence was not well versed with law work and asked her to provide me with some research work on environment. On such response she asked me to make a report on climate change in reference to various industries. I was quite ecstatic with my new

Internship @ Saheli Karyakarta Sangh (NGO), Pune [A Collective of Sex Wokers]: Great Work, No Stipend

Inter alia, I worked a little in the field which included taking a sex worker to the hospital for medical check-ups. Majority of my work comprised of the Right to Information procedure, including delivering the the RTI Application to the doorstep of an organisation we planned to sue. By Ritvik Kulkarni , ILS Law College,

Internship @ Make A Difference M.A.D, New Delhi: Diverse Profiles, Learning Being a Change Maker, Rated 10/10

There are a lot of Benefits being a MADster as we call ourselves. One can sharpen his teaching skills, revise English Grammar and speaking skills and have your own little fan following. Moreover it opens the gates to other opportunities such as internships, fellowships, events of national and international importance and well acknowledged recognition all

Internship @ Foundation for Democratic Reforms, Hyderabad: Amazing Research Work, Great Team, Stipend Rs.7000/month.

To elucidate, it can be said that even though the office is pretty small and also that one doesn’t have the tag of interning in a reputed law firm, the kind of work which is given is quite interesting. So from there on, each intern is assigned some work depending on his or her preferences.

Internship Experience @ Association of Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (AALI): Lucknow Based Feminist Org.: No Guys (!), Good Lunch Discussions

Furthermore, I also had an opportunity of witnessing the counselling session of a husband, who had been alleged for committing atrocities on his wife. AALI also provided ground for conciliation of such couples. By Udisha Ghosh. Symbiosis Law School, Pune, IInd Year Share your internship experience HERE.

Internship @ Latika Roy Foundation NGO, Dehradun : Work for People With Mental Disability

As she started taking care of her child’s needs, she realized the immense apathy that people with even minor disabilities have to face while going about their life. This coupled with the ridicule that they faced daily specially the term retard attached to them, troubled Jo whose own child would grow to be a victim

Internship @ Rakshak Foundation, New Delhi: Research Based Work, Filing RTI’s, Regular Trips, Rs. 5000/M Stipend

Environment not only means the infrastructure and other things it also means the people you work with, people from different spheres: Budding Engineers, Budding Lawyers, Budding Economists making the environment and awesome Place to work. Upmanyu Bhaumik, Faculty of Law, The ICFAI University, Dehradun, 3rd Year

Internship @ Amnesty International, Bangalore: Human Rights Research Work, Supportive Work Environment, No Stipend

Mostly area of internship is at Amnesty is based on research work. I have very smoothly done my work there. There is no hard and fast rule for anything there. They treat interns with due care and respect. By Paras Nath Singh, Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram Centre, Kerala, 2nd year

Internship @ Centre for Law and Policy Research CLPR, Bangalore: Rated 9/10, No Stipend

Since I am fond of Constitutional Law, I had applied for this internship hoping to be given work in that area. I was glad when in the second week my co-intern and I were given the chance to work on a challenging legal opinion which involved Constitutional law and administrative law. By Sohini Chatterjee,