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Internship @ Missionaries of Charity, Meerut: They love nothing more than your company and a big tight hug

The lesson learnt is to go there with a smile on your face, talk to them and most importantly, listen to these children. They love nothing more than your company and a big tight hug. It was heartbreaking to see them cry when I was leaving as you develop an attachment. I am not saying

Internship @ Foundation for Democratic Reforms, Hyderabad: Contemporary Research Work, Helpful Management, No Stipend

Main tasks included in-depth research on various contemporary issues. Personally, I have researched on Police reforms, Judicial reforms and prepared reports. Daily news monitoring from various news papers is every intern’s task. By Swathi Potla, First Semester, Pendekanti Law College, Osmania University

Internship Experience @ Chetanalaya, New Delhi: Taught me the worth of every work, however small it may be

My internship at Chetanalya gave me an experience worth cherishing. I learnt how to perform effectively and efficiently in a team. The plight of the poor brought forth by the NGO made me more sensitive towards the issues of poverty. By Rashi Shahrawat; ITM Law School; First Year

Internship @ National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi: Get insights on human rights and their defence

I was entrusted with the task of preparing Comparative analysis of Mental Health bill 2013 and Mental Health Act, 1987. The work was interesting. I had to do a fair amount of research which will probably help me in law school life. By Gaurang Bhushan, GNLU, Gandhinagar, 1st year

Internship @ Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), Dehradun: Drafting Ministry Proposals, Village Visits, No Stipend

RLEK provides separate accommodation (read dormitories) for boys and girls in the campus itself. It also offers mess facilities, the food being good enough to remind interns from outside of “home-food” (though nothing can beat that).

Internship Experience @ Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO)

The environment of the office where interns used to sit is very good and supportive. The interns can also chill from time to time as the absence of associates. The indiscipline is highly intolerable as associates used to come for surprise visit. By Upmanyu Bhaumik, ICFAI Law School, Dehradun (4th Year B.B.A. LL.B.)

Internship @ Bosco, Bangalore: I was then part of the West Division of the Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU)

For the initial three days I was a part of the Rescue Team at the City Railway Station where I was to spot unaccompanied children, approach them, get them to tell me certain details about themselves and then take actions accordingly. Mridula Sriram, 1st year at School of Law, Christ University

Internship @ Human Rights Law Network HRLN, Allahabad: The whole of the Allahabad city has started recognizing me

Some of the bad things which I witnessed at HRLN, Allahabad were that there was a rush. Everyone wanted that the PIL should be in their name only, so this created a lot of conflict over there. Too much of competition was present over there, in order to make them feel our presence we had

Internship @ Odisha State Commission for Protection of Child Rights OSCPCR, Bhubaneshwar: Casually Strict Working Environment, Drafting Work, No Stipend

Good work environment, an environment which forces you to work even if you don't want to. Friendly people, who will help you even if you are a little shy to ask help from them. People were very interesting to discuss a topic with and they enlightened me a lot about child rights issues. They were

Internship @ Maya Foundation, Kolkata: Shelter for Homeless People, No Stipend

Maya Foundation was in charge of a homeless shelter which provided free night time shelter to people sleeping on the streets at night. However it was seen that despite being aware of the facilities provided, many people still seemed to prefer sleeping on the streets. By Anshuman Bose, KIIT School of Law, 1st Year