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Internship @ Advocate Manasi Joshi and Associates, Pune: Good for Lit, Friendly Environment, No Stipend

Main tasks were generally drafting and researching various cases related to Consumer Protection Act, 1986. I was also asked to draft a divorce case including clauses of domestic violence. You will also be asked to prepare a reply letter to various clients of the firm. Shared by Aunneshaa Dey. Anyone can share his/her internship

Internship @ Chambers of Adv. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Delhi: Reading Case Briefs, Good for Lit, No Stipend

We had gone to Tis Hazari District Court on the first day, where I got to see a real court room first time in my life! Nevertheless, I wasn't disappointed. No formalities as such. Work environment was absolutely nice. Never felt out of place. Created a whole new interest in litigation. People were helpful and

Internship @ Chambers of Sr. Adv. Pinky Anand, Delhi: Drafting Work, Food Paid For, No Stipend

The best things included at the internship was firstly the associates and secondly that out of all internships I have done in the past or heard about from my friends, none gives an opportunity to witness all courts i.e. High Court, Supreme Court, CAT, National Green Tribunal, SDM'S Court, Patiala House, Tees Hazari in a

Internship @ Chaudhary Law Associates, Bhopal : Beautiful Bhopal, Good Learning Enviro; Rs. 2000/M Stipend

They gave me the cases, the trial of which was to be conducted that day and then after reading those cases, I used to proceed with them to the court for listening the arguments and pleadings. I was also given research work relating to Environmental matters, which are filled in National Green Tribunal by them.

Internship @ Chambers of Meera Bhatia, Advocate, Delhi : Good Learning Experience

My main task included preparing and studying cases for the next day, attending the court proceedings in both HC and SC, drafting letters and emails, replying and calling officers and clients to attend their cases, researching on cases,finding judgement and jotting down points of law and arguments. I even attended the mediation proceedings.

Internship @ Law Offices of Nandan Kamath (LawNK), Bangalore : Sports Law Work, Amazing Work Enviro, Stipend Rs. 4000/M

Your main tasks will involve a lot of research work on absolutely interesting stuff like Stadium Season Ticket Holders' rights and ad regulations for a big beverages company. During the IPL season you'll be tracking down a lot of ambush marketing for IPL, and filing 'pull down' notices. By Anirban Saikia, 4th year, NUJS

Internship Experience @ KTS Tulsi: Lunch With the Legend; Colleague Like Treatment, Rs. 8000 Stipend

There are hardly any internship out there like this one that go beyond mere head knowledge to the more crucial dimension of argument formation and transformation. I didn’t just learn, I grew more. The internship gave me a better insight of Indian Legal System. I enjoyed being treated as a colleague & not as summer
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