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Internship @ Chambers of Advocate Ramesh Mundra, Manasa: I told myself to practice in session courts of such rural areas once I graduate

It’s a small town which has only one court i.e. session court. The lawyers there generally don’t have big offices. Lawyers have their desks in a big corridor and a big ground in the court premises. His office was also a big wooden table with some benches and chairs to sit. By Paridhi

Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate M.S. Khandeparkar, Goa: It made me think of litigation as a career option

Main tasks included reading and analyzing files, court visits, some other administrative job. There was a lot of learning there. He used to teach me like a professor at times. He used to tell me how to go through cases and device a solution. How to apply the law was also a major area of

A Day by Day, Hour by Hour Account of a Dharwad District Court Internship; It’s a Tale of Adjournments; Please Excuse Language in Favour of the Effort

05/07/2013 10.00 AM - Advocates office 10.40 AM - FC Cr. Misc 178/12 Adjourned to 15/07/2013 12.15 PM - III ACJ Cr. Misc 24/12 Adjourned to 26/07/2013 3.00 PM - FC MC 14/30 - Adjourned to 15/07/2013 4.00 PM - PDJ RA 74/12 - Adjourned to 03/08/2013 5.30 PM - Back to office.

Internship @ Advocate J. Sanghmitra Nandy, Kolkata HC: She is a humble woman who happens to be an absolute terror in the courtroom. Especially for the opponents

Main tasks: 1. Accompanying the lawyer to the High Court and various other courts on a daily basis. 2. Assisted in drafting Writ Applications and Petitions, Petitions under Article 227 of the Indian Constitution. 3. Extensive research in probate matters and Civil Revision. 4. Prepared applications in LLRT Cases 5. Daily research on upcoming cases, going through cause

Internship @ Senior Advocate Ashok Saraogi, Bombay HC: Good for a Lit Internship; Rs. 5000 Stipend

My inclination is more towards criminal law, so I used to grab more of criminal related matters and attend the hearings in the court so that I could learn from my senior advocates the art of pleading in the court room. By JeetVipul Patel, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, 8th Semester