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Internship Experience @ Lex Jurists, Delhi: Court Visits, Family Law Work, Friendly Environment, No Stipend

If any problem in any concepts the employees will help you or one can move to Indian law institute and courts library with them. The specialization of this firm was to treat family cases –Divorce and marriage disputes. Task involved visits of Delhi high court, Mediation and arbitration cells with senior lawyers and other district

Internship @ Vaish Associates, Mumbai : Good Work Environment, Good Work, Stipend Rs. 5000/M

Another interesting piece of work came from the Real estate department that involved me and my co intern to identify and summarise Stamp duty rates for lease agreement, sale deed, leave and licence, Mortgage by deposit of title deeds, hypothecation / pledge for all the States and U.T.'s of India, for which almost a month

Internship @ S & R Associates, Delhi: Great Work Environment, Rated 10/10, Stipend Rs. 12,000/Month

What the lawyers looked for were not pages of research and case laws, rather they looked for precise statements of the existing laws and how well one could answer the question asked. The focus always remained on the question that was asked and what was expected. So unless you've been specifically asked, don't submit a

Internship @ PKA Advocates (formerly Paras Kuhad), Jaipur: Research & Drafting Work, Friendly Environment, No Stipend

The best thing about the office were definitely the "Associates" and the "Library". Interning in this office makes you learn a lot primarily because the attitude of the associates towards you is very friendly. If you are a fan of the traditional methods and you do not mind reading a really thick volume over a

Internship @ ICF International, Law Firm, New Delhi : Energy-Oil-Gas, Climate Change Work , Stipend Rs. 5000/Month

ICF International is a consultancy firm , providing solutions to its clients on vast number of platforms including Energy, Climate Change, Logistics and Oil & Gas sectors. Therefore, the tasks was to provide tailor- made solutions and advise to the clients which included big names, government, international organisations and MNC'c eg. MP Government, UNICEF, United

Internship Experience @ Dua Associates, Delhi : Lots to Learn, Friendly Environment, No Stipend

Frankly speaking 95% of the associates in this firm are friendly and very helpful (24x7 available). They don't let the work pressure affect their behaviour towards interns working under them. This attitude is very important for the increase in the productivity of the fellow employees and interns. Sahil Tandon, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA, IInd