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Internship @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh: Good Work, Liberal Work Environment, No Stipend

Our summer batch had around 25 interns. The training staff comprised of three members. The interns and the staff were very nice and interactive. My co-interns included students from UPES Dehradun; Amity Law School, Noida; SLS Pune. By Nupur Walia, University Institute of Legal Studies (U.I.L.S) (IV Year)

Internship at National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi: We told the kids to turn their dreams into reality. They listened to us very patiently

One thing that surprised me was that these children were very eager to learn. They wanted to know everything! They were keen to learn new things. After teaching them, we played carom with them and told them to draw later. The rest of the days also, we first taught and played with them after lunch.

Internship Experience @ National Green Tribunal, Bhopal : Attend Proceedings, AC Campus, No Stipend

The court proceeding were really interesting especially because you get to hear not just the judicial approach but the expert member’s advice as well and get a clear understanding regarding the functioning of law and environment together. By Rashmi Shukla, National Law University Odisha, 2nd Year. Anyone can post HERE.

Internship @ West Bengal Human Rights Commission WBHRC, Kolkata : Lazy Work Environ, Little Work, No Stipend

On those two days, we used to have the hearings of the cases which came for recommendation in the Commission. The persons concerned, that is the petitioner and the respondent would mostly be a government official. The hearings would be interesting in the sense that you can actually see J. Ganguly in his witty best,

Internship @ National Human Rigths Commission NHRC, New Delhi; Rs. 8000 Stipend, Warm Work Enviro

The people were the best thing about the internship. Moreover, the sessions conducted by several eminent personalities on a plethors of human rights issues ranging from women to child, disabled to old age, leprosy to environment, health to manual scavenging, police reforms to prison reforms were enlightening and thought provoking. By Gitanjali Ghosh, NLSIU,

Internship @ MPHRC Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission : Less Work, Warm People, No Stipend

They themselves won't teach you anything. However, if you approach them they'll guide you. Don't expect loads of work. You don't get to learn everyday, which is a drawback in itself. And if you are a foodie, it's a bad bad place. There's an adjacent shop but that's seriously pathetic. By Aishwarya Dhakarey, Symbiosis

Internship @ Delhi Legal Service Authority DLSA, New Delhi : Lack of Discpline, Lots of Travelling & Visits, No Stipend

To start the session, the designated official was not on time, the interns were made to wait one and a half hours for the projector to set, but when the session started it was nice overall, interns were divided in the group of 5-6 (in one group) then after briefing tea n snacks were also

Internship @ SBI Corporate Accounts Group, Kolkata : Research Project Work, Amiable Mentor, Rs.8000 Stipend / Month

Thus, when I informed the AGM that one of my areas of interest was Corporate Commercial laws, he suggested that I undergo the Internship in the CAG branch which handles all of SBI's corporate clients, but refrained from mentioning what my project topic would be simply telling me that my mentor would guide me through

Internship @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh: Good Work, Good Work Environment, No Stipend

The First stage of our internship was to segregate the complaints received by the commission into cognizable and non-cognizable complaints and then fill relevant forms for them.

In the Second stage we did case reading on which the member judges of the commission had given their judgments. The cases included custodial death cases as well.

The Third

Internship @ Assam Human Rights Commission, Guwahati : 2 Big Lessons from a Sarkari Office + The Brutality of AFSPA

Lesson 1: law is not about things such as Boston Legal, you are no agent of change , no fancy high profile stuff, you are a mercenary, who would fight for those with gold. ( The statute of justice, why does she carry a scale, which is a mercantile instrument?)

Lesson 2: Law=lots of reading. reading