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My Biggest Career Fear: I am an Accidental Lawyer and I don’t Want to Die in this Accident (+ Networking Fears and Advice)

Apparently, networking plays a very important role in law. You make contacts, become friends with your seniors, become friends with your co interns and later use these contacts in getting a job. So, what about a person like me who doesn't believe in the concept of networking? Who finds this concept absolutely shallow? If you

Internships + Jurisprudence= Scandalous?

This Article has been penned down by Pratik Patnaik, a student of Symbiosis Law School, Pune. In this write-up he tries to justify the significance of Jurisprudence apart from the dreary subject. Does he succeed in convincing you? Read on. Love to write? Feel free to put in your words on any law school/law student


Courtesy of my discipline and good marks and everything which made a student ‘good’ in those times (there I use ‘those times’ for the first time: September 6, 2013. Note to self: ageing) I was made to sit down by the teacher whenever the whole class used to stand-up as a punishment. By Tanuj