CAREER INTERVIEW: Tarini Prasad Sahoo on Being a Faculty and a Social Activist

Interview taken by Snigdha Panigrahi, our campus leader from University Law College, Bhubaneswar.

1. Tell us about yourself.

I Tarini Prasad Sahoo, presently am working as Faculty in Law at University Law College, Utkal University Bhubaneswar. Basically I am a social activist since my student career and continuing as such till date.

Because I am of the view that in whatever position and designation we may possess we should not forget the social responsibility which we must deliver towards the society.

I am doing research at Utkal university on the issue of “Role of legal support system in protecting the human rights of street children”, keeping in view the vulnerability of these children and as they are almost having no one of their own.

Apart from these I am the founder and chief of the social forum “USI Foundation” which is basically dedicated towards and working for the orphan and blind children, conducting its activities at Bhubaneswar and various other districts of Odisha.

Besides my own organization, I am also associated with many state level, national level and international level organizations.  Since last 7 years I have been involved in many initiatives for creating social, environmental awareness programme in the society.

Apart from academic and social activities I do love to do paintings and crafts in my free time.

I preferred academics because here I can motivate students regarding their social responsibility and how they can make use of their acquired knowledge for the betterment and development of the society and the country.

tarini prasad sahoo

2. Why do you think you’re suited to a career in the law?

I don’t actually know whether I am suited into a career in law or not but what I have personally felt that by choosing law and reading it, I have become more confident and enlightened than what I was earlier.

Actually nobody is suited to any career from the very beginning but his or her dedication towards that makes him/her best suited for that career.

And in my case, I find myself more comfortable in a career in law than any other sector.

3. Subjects you liked the most? Any particular Professor who inspired you?

It is an accepted fact that all subjects in law are having their own charm and relevance and all are really interesting as well.

But among those all, my favorite subjects are jurisprudence, evidence, Indian penal code, transfer of property act and the Indian constitution. In fact I have been always inspired by my teachers since my childhood.

During my school days, there were many teacher who have encouraged me in many ways. Among them my art teacher Mr. Pramod Kumar Maharana, my English teacher Mr. Sri Ram Rout, my mathematics teacher Mr. Prasant Panda were noteworthy who have not only inspired me in academics but also in all facets of life and the most important thing is that this practice is still going on.

Similarly during my higher secondary and graduation levels, there were teacher who played the similar role.

And when I came to law school, and during the 5 years journey of LLB and LLM I found many loving and inspiring teachers among whom Dr. S.A.K Azad (the present Principal of university law college) is one.

From whom I have not only inspired regarding academics but also from his disciplined, honest lifestyle. Besides I am largely inspired by Prof. Ashok Kumar Srivastav (the former Principal of Madhusudan Law College and the then Principal of our college).

He was a giant in family law and torts and I was not only inspired from his teachings but also from his simple and affectionate approach towards the students.

Apart from them Dr. Prasant Kumar Swain (Lecturer of university law college) and Dr. Manoj Kumar Sadual (Reader, P.G. Deptt. Of LAw) has greatly inspired me since I was perusing law till date.

It is a matter of fact that in our life we are being inspired by many peoples in many ways during our life time and I am not an exception to it.

4. What are our strongest areas in law and how did you develop it?

It will be wrong to say that I am very strong in a particular subject. Because acquiring knowledge is a never ending process. And in every stage of life we are always gaining knowledge in different forms and dimensions.

But as I have much interest in the subject of jurisprudence and Evidence, I give more effort in these subjects.  I do develop it through reading various authors, research papers, books, journals, decisions of the courts.

With that I consult with my teachers in regular intervals in order to develop my understanding and knowledge on those subjects. And now days as we are living in a digitized era, computer resources, and internet facilities have also helped in developing my skill in these subjects.

5. What survival instincts should lawyers-to-be develop?

In ancient times there were a conception that Advocacy was a royal profession and it was not because their income was good, but because they were engaged in such a profession that they were helping in imparting justice to the poor and entitled peoples.

Similarly unlike ancient times, we are having much career options in law apart from judiciary and advocacy, like law clerks, corporate advocates tax practitioners, law teacher’s etc. But with the passage of time the morality and the honesty in advocates to impart and to help in imparting justice to those who are really entitled is now on stake.

So my advice will be to the coming generation and the young law students who are willing to have a career in advocacy must possess this moral values, ethics and honesty apart from the as usual necessary elements of knowledge, dedication and discipline.

Apart from this profession, I can also suggest student they must try for other options too as per their wish to choose to go in judiciary, to join corporate farms, or to practice tax, or to run NGOs and also they can opt a career as Political Leader by which they can not only enrich their career but also can work something remarkable for the society.


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