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Career Advice: Benefits of an LLM for Litigation Enthusiasts | LLM from USA vs. LLM from India

By: The Admin | October 18, 2015
The below questions were asked on Jai Dehadrai’s Career page HERE.

Vaibhav Aggarwal from NLU, Delhi: I wanted to know as to what would be the benefits of an LL.M., for somebody opting for litigation.

Immense​ benefits – broadens your legal reasoning skills – as you develop and acquire new methods of interpreting statutes and case laws.

Exposure to a rigorous academic environment also has an effect on your drafting skills – you become precise, clear and systematic in the presentation of your arguments.

Studying foreign jurisprudence also tends to reinforce one’s core understanding of the law – which has a shared history across the commonwealth.

Is there is any major difference in pursuing LLM from USA rather than India?

​India has excellent law schools – there is no doubt about it.

However, the advantages of pursuing your studies abroad are undeniable.

Exposure to a world-class faculty and student body, will have a positive effect on your legal skills. ​

​The US, for instance, adopts a Socratic style of ​teaching – which is very challenging initially for students used to a lecture format.

These new methods stretch the student’s intellectual capabilities – and they emerge better equipped as lawyers.

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