Campus Leaders Program by Lawctopus: Learn, Earn, and Grow! [Nov 15-May 15]: Apply by Nov 10; Earlier is Better


Lawctopus is launching its Campus Leaders Program. If you are a student (UG or PG) in a law school in India and want to engage in a meaningful journey that involves content management, marketing, entrepreneurship, tons of learning, networking, and some good pocket money to earn, this is the opportunity for you!

About Lawctopus

Lawctopus is India’s most popular and trusted website for law aspirants, students, and young lawyers. We’ve been covered by leading dailies like The Telegraph, India Today, and the Economic Times, among others.

Lawctopus is India’s most popular and trusted website for law students, aspirants, and young lawyers. We reach nearly 3 lakh readers every month. Our online law school has served over 5,200 learners in the last 18 months.

About the Campus Leaders Program

We love serving young people and the Campus Leaders Program is a key element in our mission to enable informed and inspired careers. Campus Leaders are student volunteers (undergraduate or postgraduate) who are our eyes and ears in various law schools and universities.

We are inviting applications for our Campus Leaders Program 2021 from law students all across India.

Before we get into the details of it, you might be wondering why you should grab this opportunity.

Here’s Why You Should Become A Campus Leader

  1. Be it anything, a healthy dose of courage mixed with strong work ethics are the key ingredients to most success. The Campus Leaders program will help you develop the skill of being courageous (yes, it’s a skill), and inculcate professional work ethics.

  2. Get internships: We’ll help the 5 best performing campus leaders secure the internships they want.

  3. Earn money: You can earn money in three ways. First, get 10% of the advertisements that you bring. Second, earn a referral fee for LLS courses signed-up by your network. Third, ace your tasks, and win prize money.  

  4. Get scholarships to our courses: Get free credits for online certificate courses by Lawctopus Law School (LLS) on successful completion of various tasks.

  5. Get mentorship: We’ll teach you how to craft your CV, draft cover letters, develop a career plan, apply for and ace internships, do well in moots and seminars. We’ll become your personal career coaches!

  6. Get a certificate on successful completion of your tenure.

  7. Develop your communication and other soft skills as you do the tasks.

  8. Develop your leadership skills.

  9. The Lawctopus Campus Leaders Program will not only help you build your soft skills from scratch but will ensure you carry them forward in your day to day routine even once you’ve ended your tenure with us.

  10. Contribute towards making your community (law students) stronger as you gain an entrepreneurial work experience!

We make you richer in every way possible!

Who can be a Campus Leader? What are the qualifications?

  1. You should be a law student (LL.B, BA LL.B, LLM) in any law college in India.
  2. Time commitment: 2-3 hours/week. We believe that students will be able to spend this much time even during exams and internships (we’ll surely ensure that this role doesn’t affect your academic or internship commitments).
  3. You should be a proactive person who loves to take up entrepreneurial responsibilities. 
  4. You must have regular access to the internet both in college and at your home.
  5. You must be willing to do sales and marketing related tasks. To Sell is Human. Side note on sales: When you present your case before a judge, negotiating before a client, asking for a raise, raising money for your startup, or asking someone out, you are ‘selling’.

Skills Required

  1. A sincere attitude and the ability to stick to projects for the long-term
  2. Strong leadership and communication skills
  3. Deadline-oriented attitude
  4. Enthusiasm to work and learn new, non-law things

What are your responsibilities and how will you gain from them?

  1. Tell us about newsworthy events and opportunities held in or hosted by your college.
    Become the go-to person in your college for anything that needs to go on Lawctopus!

  2. Draft posts for publication on the Lawctopus website. You’ll be acknowledged as the author of the posts you publish with a cool tagline and byline.
    Start building a personal brand in the legal community through Lawctopus.

  3. Interview the star students and faculty in your college, and lawyers in and around your area.
    Develop your leadership, communication, and networking skills. 

  4. Encourage students in your college (regularly) to contribute internship experiences, law school reviews, and blogs.
    Support them in getting published and serve the larger legal community with useful content.

  5. Help us promote and market our advertisers and our products/services in your college.
    Earn money through our in-house competitions, and referral fee programs. 

  6. Write for us!
    Get a chance to be published on Lawctopus.

  7. Help us connect to various people in your college.
    Become a connector and get recognized as a leader of your college.

  8. Generally, promote the Lawctopus brand on social media and beyond!
    Build your digital marketing skills and presence.

Details of the Role

Deadline to apply: November 10, 2021

Please don’t wait for the deadline to apply. 🙂 We’ll close the applications for a particular college once a good number of quality applications are received from that college. Early applications are hence encouraged.

Venue: Remote

How to Apply?

  1. To apply for this opportunity, click here and fill out a small form;
  2. Important instructions will then be sent to your email address;

Some other details of the role

  1. Being a Campus Leader is a voluntary, unpaid position. Cash and other rewards are applicable to the best peforming campus leaders.
  2. 1-5 campus leaders can be selected per college (depending on the size of the college).
  3. You are required to work for around 2 hours/week. Usually, 1-2 tasks are allotted every month.
  4. We give no task which cannot be completed along with your college, co-curricular activities, exams or even internships. Relax! We understand your world. 🙂

Rave reviews from some of the last batch’s college managers

  1. I got a chance to interact with other highly motivated college managers. This certainly helped in increasing my social network, which is of utmost requirement today.
    Anubrata Saha, Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

  2. The TASKS, they were just amazing and more, interesting since they helped me to create a new bond with my friends and their friends from the same field and moreover, it was very overwhelming to receive all the help I needed from my friends regarding the tasks. It was great to help publicize about the internships, research papers and other such achievements of my friends and make their work count for some one else in this field.
    Shreya Mishra, Department of Legal Studies and Research, Barkatullah University, Bhopal 

  3. I improved an important skill of building professional contact with people . And I am really thankful to Lawctopus for such an amazing initiative.
    Lipsa Rout, Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore

  4. I got a chance to interact with the people from the different law colleges of India for this I would like to give the credit to Lawctopus.
    Chaitanya Arora FIMT, NEW DELHI

  5. It gives one the opportunity to learn to meet deadlines, explore beyond the set realms of law school schedules and work in a different yet organised manner.
    Latika Choudhary National law University, Odisha Cuttack

  6. I became more professional in sorts. Things seem better than before at my University. In other words I became more proactive, an extrovert in the making and now heading the moot society as well.
    – Sangram Singh, Noida International University

  7. A big Thank You from my end that. People say that these things are waste. Don’t apply for it. But Now I can prove then wrong. By this program, I just took a step forward. I didn’t knew how to write properly but writing reviews about your book and then internship and law school. Secondly coming down to speaking skills, I was always like not so confident in speaking. But after the star task taking interviews and everything, I am like bring on the person and let me talk to him. :D. It really helped me to grow and you deserve my big thanks on this. I owe you and your team a lot. Anytime, you wish to reach me. I will always be there for Lawctopus. Thank You.
    Ayush Srivastava Faculty Of Law, The ICFAI University, Dehradun

  8. The wonderful emails sent by Tanuj Sir used to cheer me up the most. The thing I liked includes the tasks given. No task was monotonous and hectic and I never found myself pre-occupied with Lawctopus. In fact, I enjoyed doing them. Moreover: 1. I have become more confident. 2. Learnt to take interviews. 3. I have become close the faculty whom I interviewed, who is now my mentor. 4. Became more profficient at multi-tasking.
    Loveely Priyadarshini, Amity Law School, Noida

  9. My personality overall has improved because now I feel confident about myself that whatever I am doing has a purpose. My reading and writing skills along with interpreting skills has improved a lot thanks to the brilliantly designed tasks. My ability to make contacts and connections have improved drastically and from a shy person I have become a social being as due to this program I had guts to go up to people and talk to them which otherwise I wouldn’t have.
    – Pronoy Chatterjee, Amity Law School Centre II, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

To apply for Lawctopus’ Campus Leaders Program, please fill the form here.

All the best!


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