Campus Law Center Elections: Meet the Candidates!

The Campus Law Center’ 2014 elections will be held on 12th September 2014.

Our CLC Lawctopus Manager Manushi Desai shares information about the candidates and their vision to make Campus Law Centre the best college in Asia.

Candidate I

pallavi, CLC Delhi, Delhi University elections, student election candidateName of candidate: Pallavi Chandrashekhar

Age: 24 Years

Proposed position: Vice President

Class: Third Year Section B,

Facebook Page:

Educational Background:

The Air Force School, Delhi Cantonment
College of Jesus and Mary, Delhi University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Native place: Chennai

Family Background:

Pallavi’s father was a pilot in the Indian Air Force and is now associated with a private aviation company. Her mother is a homemaker.


Pallavi enjoys debating and has been the head of Debating Team at TAF School, Delhi Cant. She is an aspiring UPSC candidate. At Campus Law Centre, Pallavi has been actively associated with the Moot Court Society and has participated in 5 National Moots. She has helped organize the College Cultural Festival in 2012.

Pallavi is also a volunteer at various NGOs like the Art of Living Foundation . Her passion for change in the political scenario lead her to participate in the Vote for Better India Campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections and perform street plays to spread awareness regarding voting rights across the Capital.

Friends describe her as active and helpful. She wishes to pursue an LLM from Harvard University in future.

Internship Experience:

Pallavi has interned under Ajay Kohli and Ashok Goel in the Delhi High Court and trial courts.


1. Streamline the admission process to avoid confusion and delays in submitting fees

2. Provide relaxation of attendance rules for final year students upon submission of a valid internship certificate

3. Provide an interactive website for CLC students and constant online updates via facebook, whatsapp and other mediums

4. Encourage students to participate in international moots like National Law Universities.

5. Increase hygiene factor of canteen and carry on inspection of canteen

6. Provide mikes for teachers

7. Change the timetable to suit the student’s schedule and end classes early so students can pursue extracurricular activities

8. Restrict entry in campus for non Law students and others

Candidate II

nitin, CLC Delhi, Delhi University elections, student election candidateName: Nitin Sansanwal

Age: 22 years

Proposed Position: President

Class: 1st Year, Section C

FB Page:

Native Place: Haryana

Educational Background:

RED (Rural Education Development) School, Haryana

Ramjas College, Delhi University

Family Background:

Nitin’s parents are educationists in the Charkhidadri Bhiwani Town in Haryana while his younger brother is pursuing MBBS from Maharashtra.


Nitin is an avid sports person and has been the Sports Captain at RED School, Haryana. He has been a National Table Tennis Player representing Haryana in TT.

At Ramjas College, Nitin was an active dramatist and also ensured the victory of his roommate Pravin Singh by actively campaigning for him in the 2012 Ramjas Presidential Elections.

He aspires to break the myth that freshers cannot be victorious at CLC elections as he believes it is the innate quality of the person that matters.

At CLC, he initiated the ‘Reuse, Recycle, Reduce’ campaign and proposes to show CLC students the Parliament of India and interact with leaders. He wishes to appear for Judiciary Exams and pursue LLM from Delhi University.


1. Change class timings

2. Improve Drinking Water conditions for CLC students

3. Air Conditioned Library

4. Change the lightings and fans in CLC –something that has been constant since 1970

5. Ensure online fee submission for CLC students in 2nd and 3rd year

6. Improve parking conditions for CLC students and professors

7. Increase Alumni Interaction

Candidate III

saad, CLC Delhi, Delhi University elections, student election candidateName: Saad Uzzman (Saad)

Proposed Position: President

Class: Final Year, Section A

Age: 23 Years

Facebook Page:

Educational Background:

Don Bosco School, Delhi
Ramjas College, Delhi University
Undergraduate Major: Statistics
Native Place: Uttar Pradesh

Family Background:

Saad spent four years in Qatar before moving to Delhi with his parents. His father is with the Saudi Embassy while his mother is a homemaker. He has two brothers and a sister.


Saad had his first brush with politics in school when he contested for the post of Head Boy in Class 11.

He has been General Secretary, debating society at Ramjas College and represented India in a bilateral debate with Sri Lanka at Columbia. He is a standup comedian who performs acts pan Delhi and will be performing at Akshar Theater next.

He has been called to judge debate tournaments at RGNUL Patiala and RMLNLU Lucknow. He intends to enter litigation at Delhi after passing out of CLC next year.

Internship Experience:

Saad has worked with Karanjawala & Co., New Delhi and Sr. Adv. Vikas Bahwa, Supreme Court


1. A transparent and responsible union by holding monthly GBM and dispatching applications for Person In Charge of CLC based on the discussions in the meeting

2. Creating a Student Resource Centre for equipping CLC societies with proper resources and conducting open biweekly workshops on mooting

3. Inviting speakers for legal drafting and creating councils for the same

4. Integrating alumni participation in CLC activities to create active placement cell

5. Make participation in competitions available to all so that CLC is represented on National and International levels at all law related events

6. Create Hindi Case Material available to the 150+ students who write in Hindi and increase quantity of books in the library available for them. Get translated versions of case material through Union Budget to ensure Hindi Students are in the top bracket

7. Create a union debate forum inviting legal luminaries on a weekly basis to talk on current issues such as judicial accountability

8. Influence social service initiatives for students to volunteer at forums such as Justice Juvenile Board, teach English to drivers and other NGO

Candidate IV

abhishek, CLC Delhi, Delhi University elections, student election candidateName: Abhishek Pratap

Age: 24 years

Class: Final Year

Facebook Page:

Proposed Position: President

Educational Background:

RS Memorial School, Kanpur

SOL [School of Open Learning], Delhi University

Undergraduate Major: Political Science Honors

Family Background:

Abhishek’s father runs a Small Enterprise while his mother is a homemaker.


Abhishek has worked in the Election Commission as Supervisor and is fluent in Russian. He is the Student Wing Convener, Indian Young Lawyers Association. He organized a unique Muzzafarnagar Riot Tour to capture the pain caused to the UP residents.

Currently, he has entered into a workshop program with lawyers across Delhi titled “Introductory Educational Plan Internship Scheme” which received 500+ applications.

Vishnu Menon, Naina Sharma and 150 such students from the applicants get a three day internship with lawyers at various courts to learn courtcraft and advocacy skills in freshman year.


1. Increase coordination between alumni and placement cell and segregate the placement cell into litigation, judiciary and corporate for smooth sailing of placement cell activities

2. Lessen the demand to buy bottled water worth Rs 20 daily by improving infrastructure and hygiene

3. Work on creating an active union and demolish the current passive state of the union

4. Create an accountable union and audit the expenditure by publishing monthly financial statement on the notice board

5. Ensure accessible union members whose first priority is engaging in administrative activities and thus emphasize Active, Accountable and Accessible Student’s Union

6. Create transparency in society activities

7. Change timetable of CLC

8. Allow entry on showing of ID cards and restrict the entry of outsiders in CLC

Candidate V

sankalp, CLC Delhi, Delhi University elections, student election candidateName: Sankalp Yadav

Age: 21 Years

Class: 2nd Year

Proposed Position: President

FB Page:

Family Background:

Sankalp is a second generation law student. His grandfather is a Revenue Inspector and his father practices in the Sagar District court. His sister is currently pursuing LLM from NLU Bhopal.

Educational Background:

Vatsalya School, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
Dr. H.S. Gaur University, Madhya Pradesh
Undergraduate Major: B.Com


Sankalp has been elected House Captain at Vatsalya School and has been a leader in the Student Youth Front Organization.


1. Increase interaction with the Vice Chancellor on issues such as funding and classroom infrastructure.

2. Improve faculty student interactions and replace passive faculty

3. Change basic necessities such as hygiene and renovate washrooms

4. Make necessary changes to canteen and library

5. Administrative reforms/ office reforms

6. Create an e-library

7. Get speedy allocation of funds of CLC which are pending for approval of VC

8. Make proper seating arrangements in the auditorium

9. Make the union participate in issues more important than freshers and festival

10. Change class timings to suit students

Candidate VI

pranjal, CLC Delhi, Delhi University elections, student election candidateName: Pranay Jain

Age: 23 years

Class: Section , 2nd Year

Native: Delhi

FB Page:

Educational Background:
Ryan International School
Diploma in Diamond Trading and Gemology
School of Open Learning, Delhi University
Undergraduate Major: Commerce

Family Background:

Pranay’s father is into service at the Central Excise Department while his mother is a homemaker.


Pranay volunteered at the Trailbazers foundation donating clothes to poor people and in the Free Tibet Campaign. At school he created a windmill to power the Chemistry Lab and organized global warming video screening for students. He created a social awareness campaign at during college.

At DU, Pranay has participated in the Tarakshastra Taxation Moot in Chennai and worked with Pangea 3, Thomson Reuters and Adv. A.K.Mishra at CESTAT as an intern. Friends consider Pranay an honest and genuine person.


1. Creating an Alumni society which focuses on alumni meets

2. Using the alumni database to create internship society

3. Increasing the number of members in MCS through more induction of students

4. Improve infrastructure vide getting new computers, library printers etc.

5. Put up a bimonthly progress report on the notice board of union activities

Candidate VII

brijesh, CLC Delhi, Delhi University elections, student election candidateName: Brijesh Yadav

Age: 23years

Native: Haryana

Class: Final Year, Section G

FB Page:

Educational Background:

DAV School, Vasantkunj
Lingyas College of engineering, Lingyas, Faridabad
Undergraduate Major: Engineering (EEE)

Family Background:

Brijesh’s father is a Police Inspector with the Delhi Police and his mother is a homemaker. His elder brother is a Squadron Leader with the Indian Air Force and his sister is a doctor.


Brijesh has been Central Councilor in his first year and represented CLC at the DUSU wining by 380 votes , second to only Angellica Abraham.

He intitiated the clean drinking water campaign at CLC and sent a team for the first time to the Sports Festival at NLS, Bangalore in August 2014.

He has organized several fashion shows and also started social intiiatives such as Towards Happy Earth foundation. He wants to litigate in future.


1. Increase non teaching staff to suit the number of students and fix administration issues.

2. Renovate auditorium and get CCTV cameras installed in Library for better security.

3. Motivate students to participate and represent students in moot courts where CLC often goes unrepresented.

4. Intitiate Hindi transalation for reference books and make mikes available for teaching staff.

5. Create an active placement cell

6. Make available a feedback forum for teachers and students where they can post grievances.

7. Protest against the current college changes and reason with the PIC to change the same

8. Improve parking and ensure restricted entry in library through ID Cards

9. Improve student to teacher ratio to ensure better teaching quality by increasing ad hoc quality and quantity

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