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Call for Papers: RMLNLU’s National Seminar on Social Media, IT and IPR [Feb 27-28]; Submit by Jan 5

The growth of internet and the increasing popularity of social media have resulted in an increase in copyright infringement. The multimedia world of the social web is littered with copyright materials, which may or may not be reproduced with the consent of the right owners.

Photographs posted to Facebook and Flick, films and music posted on Youtube and materials posted on a blog or on wikis may or may all be the subject of copyright protection but come from a variety of sources.

With the issues covered above, this seminar aims to put forth the problems, prospects and their solutions by providing an opportunity to participants to an in-depth debate/discussion.


Technical Sessions-1 | Theme- Social Media & Constitutional Perspectives

Sub themes-

Freedom of Speech and Expression
The Pursuit of Privacy
Public Interest
Problems and Prospects
Challenges of Regulating Social Media
Comparative National and Global Perspectives of Social Media
Truth, Fairness and Objectivity of Social Media

Technical Session-2 | Theme- Social Media and Criminal Justice Administration

Sub themes-

Hate Speech
Social Media and Social Pathology of Crime
Online Child Pornography
Social Media and Investigation of Offences etc.
Social Media and Criminal Procedure
Social Media and Crime against Women & Children
Social Media and Criminal Judicial Process
Social Media, Crimes and Political Interference

Technical Session-3 | Theme- Social Media – Socio-political Impact, Polity and Good Governance

Sub themes-

Grass root Democracy and Information Dissemination
Social Media Sharing and Syndication
Social Media and E-Governance
Social Media Networking and Democracy
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Journalism/Headlines
Democracy, Elections and Social Media/Role of Social Media in Delivery of Public Services
Social Media and Policy Making/Debates for Good Governance
Social Media and Participatory Democracy
Media Ethics

This session is meant for the academicians, researchers and participants from the field of humanities in general. Social Media is impacting different disciplines of humanities like Political Science, Public Administration, and Good Governance etc. The people from humanities can participate in other technical sessions as well.


Technical Session-1 | Theme- Broadcasting: Law, Morality and Censorship

Sub themes-

Constitutional dimensions of Film Censorship
Politics of Film Censorship
Moral policing of Cinema in Information age
Obscenity, Indecency and Censorship
Censorship and Judicial Process
Broadcasting- Rationale for Regulation
Media Convergence
Regulation of Spectrum Use/Television Licensing

Technical Session-2 | Theme- Social Media, IPR and Information Technology

Sub themes-

Data Protection and the Media
Intrusion and Technology
The Internet
Digital Rights Management
Copyright, Plagiarism etc.
Literary and Artistic works/Dramatic works/Musical works/Broadcast works/Computer games/Television Programme Formats
Passing off/Personality Rights/Trademark

Venue- Conference Hall of the University

Level of Participation: Students, Academicians, Lawyers and other social researchers; Media, IT and IPR Professionals

Important Dates:

Last date for submission of abstracts: Jan 5

Last date for Registration: Jan 5

Last date for submission of Papers: Jan 20

Date of event: Feb 27-28

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