Call for Papers: Harvard Law Review Forum

The Harvard Law Review Forum is the online companion to the print journal. It hosts scholarly discussion of our print content and timely reactions to recent developments. The Forum accepts unsolicited manuscripts for consideration.

The Forum publishes four types of content:

Responses are scholarly comments responding to our print Articles, Essays, and Book Reviews. The Forum may feature multiple Responses to a given print piece. For a recent example, please see Professor James A. Gardner’s Response to Partisan Federalism by Professor Jessica Bulman-Pozen.

Commentaries are timely reactions to recent legal developments. These pieces employ a more informal style and use citations more sparingly. When possible, we arrange multiple Commentaries on a single subject in order to enable scholarly dialogue.

Recent examples include Commentaries on abortion rights litigation by Professors Jennifer S. Hendricks and Caitlin E. Borgmann.

Essays are longer explorations of recent legal developments, usually standing alone rather than in dialogue with others. A recent example is Professor Mehrsa Baradaran’s Essay on postal banking.

Forum Book Reviews are shorter reviews of recent books than would appear in the print volume.

All works appearing in the Forum are published on our website and are made available in the Lexis and Westlaw databases. The Forum is formatted and paginated in the same manner as our printed volume.

How to Submit to the Forum

Contributors may submit to the Forum through our electronic submission system (HERE), preferably in Microsoft Word format. Please be sure to note that you would like your submission to be published online, rather than in print.

Responses and Commentaries should be approximately 2,000 words long and should be lightly footnoted in comparison to traditional Articles. Essays and Book Reviews should be no longer than 10,000 words.

All Forum content is subject to the same editorial standards as the material that appears in our print volume.

If you have any questions about the Forum’s content or submissions process, please email [email protected]

More information can be accessed HERE.


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