Call for Papers: Amity Gwalior’s Seminar on Challenges to Indian Democracy [Jan 29-30]; Submit by Dec 10

Sub-Themes of the Seminar

1. Governance, Criminalization of Politics

2. Rule of Law– Violations of and measures for strengthening democracy

3. Access to Justice for All–The Road Blocks, Judiciary The Watchdog of Democracy, Constitutional perspective of Justice to Common Man, Docket Explosion-Reforms in Judicial System

4. Crimes against Women/Children

5. Corruption -Lokpal Bill – Measures to check corruption in Higher Places

6. Human Rights Violations

7. Gay Rights in India

8. Communal Riots-Remedial Measures

9. Elections-Code of Conduct, Poll Expenses-Reforms

Call for Abstracts

Participants may send their synopsis on the various subthemes as above for presentation in the Seminar.

The synopsis (200 words; Time New Roman; 12 font size; Word Format) maybe sent to [email protected] along with the mobile number and contact details of the participant.

Full details are here.

For registration form and other details of the Seminar visit:

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