Call for Papers: World Law Dialogue; Submit by July 15

The World Law Dialogue Governing Council invites submissions for paper presentation during the event.


  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • International Relations
  • Women Empowerment


1. The dialogue is open to all students, teachers and professionals around the world.

2.  Joint entries shall be permitted however, all authors must register separately as delegates.


1.  The  research  paper  should  be  original,  and  must  not  be  previously  published  or  in submission/consideration anywhere else. The word length can be between 2500-4000 words.

2.  The  Editorial  Board  will  follow  the  Anonymous  Peer-Review  policy  for  judging  the submissions.

3. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject or edit any paper whose content is offensive or defamatory, explicitly unethical or if it supports racism, sexual or religious discrimination, illegal activities or terrorism; similarly an article may be refused if the Board deems that it might harm the political or religious sensitivity of interested readers in any manner.

4. The Editorial Board reserves the right to disqualify the paper on account of plagiarism.

5. The research paper should not infringe the copyright or any other right of a third party, if so, the Foundation disclaims any responsibility for copyright violation or any other liability.

6.  The research paper  shall be considered the property of the Alexis Foundation which reserves the  right  of  publication  of  the  same  in  any  book  or  in  any  other  manner  as  it  may  deem appropriate, without providing any royalty or compensation.

7. The Editorial Board  reserve the right to vary, repeal, alter any of the rules if so required, as they deem appropriate.

8.  If the paper is selected and the author(s)  wants to present  it at the dialogue,  they  must register as a delegate.

9. A soft copy of the research paper must be sent to by 15th July, 2013.


1. Submissions should be made in MS Word format. Main Text – Times New Roman, font size 12, double spacing, justified, with a margin of an inch on all sides.

Footnotes – Times New Roman, font size 10. Substantive footnotes are accepted.
Citation Mode – Any uniform method of citation is allowed.

2. An abstract should be written at the beginning, explaining the aims and motives of the paper.

3. Bibliographies or reference lists are welcome but not required.


The selected papers will be published in a book having an ISBN number.


1.  Power point presentations are encouraged.
2.  Each speaker shall get a maximum of 10 minutes for the presentation.

Know what the World Law Dialogue is about here.


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