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Call for Papers: Stanford Law Review [Volume 69]: Articles Invited


In order to preserve Stanford Law Review’s blind review process, article files must be anonymized, that is, stripped of names and identifying information.

To associate authors with their articles, authors should enter their name and identifying information in the designated form fields when they upload their article to the Stanford Law Review website.

Only the Senior Articles Editor will see this identifying information.

Any special requests or instructions should be entered in the “Notes” field.

Please include a brief abstract of your submission with the text. Résumés and biographical information are not required.

The text and citations of the Law Review generally conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015), copyright by the Columbia Law Review Association, Inc., the Harvard Law Review Association, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal Company, Inc.


The Stanford Law Review evaluates only article manuscripts submitted using the form below.

Articles cannot be submitted to the Stanford Law Review through ExpressO or any other electronic service.

Paper submissions will not be reviewed. Please use the form below to submit a manuscript for consideration.

To instead submit an Essay for potential publication in the Stanford Law Review Online, click HERE.


The Stanford Law Review has a word limit of 30,000 words (including footnotes), and a preference for 25,000 words or fewer.

We value brevity, looking favorably on pieces below the 30,000-word ceiling.


Click HERE.


If your preference is to publish in the Stanford Law Review, we strongly recommend that you submit your manuscript to us exclusively, at least 10 days before submitting it to other journals.

We conduct peer reviews for all pieces that we accept, and each piece will be reviewed by every member of the Articles Committee.

We are therefore often unable to make quick decisions when faced with exploding offers from other journals.

We apply the same standards of review to all submissions, but submitting exclusively makes it more likely that we will have time to put the manuscript through all of our stages.

If you decide to submit with us exclusively, please check the “Exclusive” box below and indicate the date you will submit to other journals in the accompanying “Exclusive Until” field.


Click HERE.


Please address any additional questions about the submissions process to Trevor W. Ezell, Senior Articles Editor for Volume 69, at [email protected]

Please do not e-mail submissions to this address.

For further details, click HERE.

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