Call for Papers: Oxford University’s 21st Century US Immigration Initiative: Submit by Oct 14


The Center for Migration Studies (CMS), with support from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), has initiated a project on rethinking US immigration policy entitled “The 21st Century US Immigration Initiative.”

The project will generate a series of papers that seeks to re-conceptualize and offer ideas to reform US immigration law and policy.


A non-exclusive list of organizing themes for the papers includes:

1. Historical antecedents;

2. Governance;

3. Protection and human rights;

4. Labor migration;

5. Immigrant integration;

6. Family and children;

7. Enforcement and control;

8. Accounting for global conditions that drive migration;

9. Public opinion.


14th October, 2016

The initiative is on a fast timeline. Papers will be due by year-end and will be reviewed and finalized by February 2017.


Individual authors or groups of authors that would like to propose or discuss possible papers for submission should contact Donald Kerwin at [email protected] or Kevin Appleby at [email protected]

Please include in any communication two paragraphs on the proposed paper.


CMS will offer modest stipends to authors and will confirm its interest in papers within a week of speaking to potential authors.

For further details, click HERE.


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