Call for Papers: NUALS’ Seminar on Gender Justice v. Indian Cultural and Family Values; Submit by Jan 10

The Centre for Women and Family Studies (CWFS), NUALS intends to organise a National Seminar and an Open Forum on Dimensions of Gender Justice Vs. Indian Cultural and Family Values.

The Seminar aims to overview the great Indian cultural and traditional values deep rooted in religion and the status of women, the significant deviations from cultural and family values among the society in India as an aftermath of development and the rise of equitable gender relations having its root in law.

How far the society and family is affected by cultural transformations which is being brought in as part of globalisation, westernisation and the reflections of the same in the various legislations intended to protect society and specifically women.

The Centre also envisions an Open Forum with the basic objective of providing a platform for students of various colleges especially in Kerala to express their views regarding the invariably proud cultural values and traditions of Kerala and the present trend towards western life and culture in all the sense.

The Open Forum is intended to be addressed by dignitaries from the field ofenforcement machinery, legal profession, sociology, academia and media.

The Forum is envisaged as a brain storming session, where we could assimilate the ideas and criticisms so that it could be used for formulating guidelines while ensuring public order and morale in the society and to ensure a viable form of regulatory device.

Key Themes:

1. Cultural Ethos, Values and Status of Indian Women

2. Changing Role of Women and Family Values

3. Constitutional Ethos and Human Rights of Women

4. Right to Have Rights in a Culturally Transforming Society

5. Moral Policing and Concept of Dignity and Privacy of Women

6. Fulcrum of Media Depictions

Call for Papers

The Centre calls for papers on the above themes from legal fraternity, academicians, law students and researchers in the field of law/ sociology/women’s studies.


I. Abstract: The abstract should reach on or before 10th of December 2014. It need to be mailed to the id: It should not exceed 300-500 words and must be accompanied by a cover page stating the following:

1.Name of the Author & Designation

2.Title of the Paper

3.Email address

4.Postal address and contact number

The intimation of selection will be made through email on 15th December 2014.

II. Submission of the paper: 10th January 2015

1. The paper should not exceed 4000 words (exclusive of footnotes)

2. Co-authorship is permitted with a maximum of two authors only.

3. In case of co-authorship at least one author must attend the seminar to present the paper.

4. The main text should be in Times New Roman with font size 12 and spacing of 1.5.

5. The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, font size 10 with single spacing.

6. One inch margins on all sides should be maintained and citation should be blue book style.

7. All submissions must be the author’s original and unpublished work. Plagiarized submissions will be disqualified.

8. Selected works will be considered for publication in the Journal of Centre for Women and Family Studies (CWFS), NUALS. For that an undertaking is sought from the authors, stating that it is not published or given for publication elsewhere.

For Correspondence:

1. Dr Sheeba S. Dhar

Director (i/c), CWFS, NUALS.

Mob: 9496100221.

2. Ms. Sruti Anil,

Student Associate, CWFS,NUALS

Mob: 9846514545

3. Ms. Arya Vivek,

Student Associate, CWFS,NUALS



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