Call for Papers: NLUJA Assam’s National Seminar on Bridging the Gender Divide [March 29-30]; Submit by March 15

Despite constituting half of the world’s population, women have remained a marginalized group. In a country  like India, the structural inequalities inherent in a patriarchal society have created inequality between the two sexes that has been perpetuated by the state, society and religion.

In spite of the growing awareness about the gender divide, every policy or remedy faces challenges in its implementation towards the ultimate goal.

In this Two Day National Seminar on “Prospects of and Challenges in Bridging the Gender Divide” we invite research papers and case studies to look at those prospective areas where gender-related issues shall be  addressed and discussed by academicians, scholars and students from various disciplines.

The Sub-themes of the Seminar which is indicative but not limited to:

1. Women in Politics and Governance
2. Women’s Movement in India
3. Women and Literature
4. Women and the Law
5. Socio-Economic Perspectives of the Gender Divide
6. Crimes Against Women
7. Gender Sensitization
8. Women and Media
9. Women and Health
10. Gender Gap at Workplace

All submissions for the Seminar have to be emailed at the following email address:  [email protected]

The last date to submit is March 15.

Full details are HERE.


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