Call for Papers: NLU Jodhpur’s Symposium on Forensic DNA [Oct 9-10]: Submit by Sep 15 | Sponsored by ICMR

The year 2015 is being celebrated as the 30th year of the eureka moment of the discovery of the DNA fingerprinting technology, by Alec Jeffrey in 1985.

Various advancements in this technology since then by Alec Jeffrey and Prof. Lalji Singh in 1988 in India have helped in the conviction of criminals, exoneration of the wrongfully convicted, identify victims of crime, disasters and war, identify missing persons etc.

However the application of DNA profiling in the criminal justice system has raised certain important issues such as issues of privacy, validity of its application by private laboratories, access to obtain body samples from the suspects, for how much duration should the body samples be stored, DNA profiling database of the Indian population etc.

All such issues limit the use of DNA profiling in forensic investigators and stress the importance of establishment of standard techniques for DNA profiling and databases for the Indian population.

In the interest of the justice delivery system, law is required to be enacted which can protect an individual’ privacy and at the same time allow the investigators an access to the technology which can help in identifying the victims and excluding the innocent.

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The conference aims to create an interdisciplinary approach by bringing students, scientists, lawyers and judges at a common platform and acquaint the participants by their experiences in the laboratory as well as in the court room.

This conference aims to apprise the participants with the latest trends in the analysis and collection of body fluids from the crime scene and generate awareness about the importance of collection of body fluids at the crime scene and its transportation to the laboratory, raise discussions regarding the bill related to DNA profiling still pending in the parliament.

Full details are HERE.

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