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Call for Papers: NLUJ’s Comparative Constitutional & Admin Law Quarterly; Submit by Jan 1


Call for Papers: NLU Jodhpur’s Comparative Constitutional Law & Administrative Law Quarterly

The Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law & Administrative Law meanders across the relationship between the grund norms of several nations.

For this reason, the Comparative Constitutional Law & Administrative Law Quarterly (CALQ) attempts to initiate and foster academic dialogue concerning the subject of administrative law and constitutional law from a global perspective.

CALQ is an attempt to compare the constitutional theories, principles and legal theories prevalent in different legal regimes ranging from common law and civil law jurisdictions.

It strives to provide novel and original material in the fields of current political crises, globalised democratic governance, human rights, public policies, the theory and philosophy of rights, comparative constitutional law and the methodology of law.

CALQ invited submission for the very first issue (Issue 1.1) in the following categories from legal academicians, professionals and students:

Articles : Articles not exceeding 6000 (six thousand) words, discussing recent developments in the concerned field will be eligible for submission. Articles on Constitutional Law should be comparative in nature, involving any legal regime. However, articles in the area of Administrative Law are not subjected to this requirement.

Notes : Notes should be based on certain specific issue associated with any policy or legal issue. The comments of the author must be comparative in nature, Submissions in this category should not exceed 4000 (four thousand) words.

Case Comment : Case Comments with respect to recent judgments of significance in the field of Constitution Law with a comparative analysis of a judgment from another legal regime are invited. A critical analysis of the cases is encouraged. Submissions should not exceed 3000 (three thousand) words.


  • Manuscript must be accompanied with an abstract of not more than 350 words.
  • Joint Authorship is allowed with the maximum of two authors.
  • The Author/s are required to email the manuscript to [email protected]
  • Last date for submission – January 1, 2013

Submission details are here.


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