Call for Papers: National Law Univeristy, Cuttack, Colloquium Opus Law Journal [Volume 2 Issue 2]; Submit by May 30

National Law Univeristy, Cuttack, Colloquium Opus Law Journal Volume 2 Issue 2

On Concept of State in Changing Constitutional Framework

The shadow of the state nowadays, falls upon every sphere of human activity. The state shapes and controls, or regulates, authorizes, supervises or proscribes, myriad activities, from education, to sanitation, to social welfare, to domestic order and external defence, economic management , etc.

With this background the Colloquium Opus Law Journal invites papers on the changing dimensions of role of State under or connected with any of the following sub-themes:

1. Evolution, Development and philosophical foundations of the State in various legal systems viz. England, United States of America and India;

2. The concept of ‘State’, under the Constitution of India, with reference to:
-Fundamental Rights,
-Directive Principles of State Policy, and
-Tortious and contractual liability of the State.

3. Judiciary within the ambit of the expression ‘a State’

4. Interpretation of ‘Other Authorities’  in the light of changing role of State.

All the interested participants are required to submit their final paper on or before 30th May 2015 (in .doc or .docx format) to [email protected] and Cc it to [email protected]

Full details are HERE.


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