Call for Papers: KIIT Bhubaneshwar’s National Conference on International Law: Submit by Dec 8

First published on 18th October, 2015.

1st KIIT National Conference on International Law [15th January to 17th January 2016].


The Conference will host a Symposium on International Law – Contemporary Issues and Challenges.

The Symposium will aim at focusing different facets of Public International Law in the area of Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Refugee Law and also analyze Private International Law in the regimes of Intellectual Property Law, Anti-trust Law and International Commercial Arbitration.

The KIIT School of Law calls for research papers from undergraduate/post graduate students and invite them to present their papers during the Symposium.

The themes and sub themes are: 

1. International Refugee Law – [a]. Operational and Administrative Challenges in Rehabilitation of Refugees [b]. Refugee Law and Statelessness [c]. Principle of Non-Refoulement and its Viabiity in the Indian Context [d]. Co-operation in Refugee Resettlement : EU perspective

2. International Criminal Law – [a]. Proposed International Convention on Crimes Against Humanity [b]. International Criminal Law and Participation of Non-State Actors [c]. ICC Statute And Principle Of Complementarity [d]. Universalization of Jurisdiction under International Law

3. International Environmental Law – [a]. The Present and Future of The Outer Space Environment Laws [b]. Need for Stricter Regulations of Transnational Environmental Crime. [c]. Environmental Sustainability Whilst The Downfall of UNFCCC [d]. Legal Framework and Policies on Toxic Waste Dumping

4. International Commercial Arbitration – [a]. Enforcement Challenges to Foreign Awards [b]. Can The DIFC Arbitration Model be Applicable in India? [c]. International Commercial Arbitration and Anti-Suit Injunctions [d]. Judicial Interference and Independence of Arbitral Tribunal

5. Intellectual Property Rights & International Law – [a]. Expanding The Scope of Article 23 of Trips: The Debate Regarding Enhanced Protection Beyond “Wines and Spirits” [b]. Compulsory Licensing in India and USA – A comparative critique [c]. Patent Pools and Competition Law: A Discussion on Parallel Imports and Cross Licensing [d]. International Registration of Trademarks – How International is it?

6. Anti-trust/Competition Law – [a]. Corporate Anti-trust Compliance and Ethics – An International Perspective [b]. Competition Law and E-commerce – Recent Trends [c]. Mergers and Competition Law – A Cross Jurisdictional Study [d]. Competition Law in consonance with Consumer Law – Recent Developments


1. Author(s) have to send an abstract of the Paper within 500 words, accompanied with five keywords by 8th December 2015, 23:59 hours. Information of the selected abstracts will be intimated to the author(s) by 30th November, 2015 and they will be eligible to present their Paper during the Symposium.

2. Author(s) of selected abstracts have to submit the final paper by 5th January 2016, 23:59 hours.

3. Co-authorship of maximum two authors per Paper is allowed.

4. The author(s) will send a separate Cover Letter with their final papers incorporating details like name(s), affiliated college, full postal address, email id and contact number along with the title of the Paper. The Paper should not contain any biographical references of the author (s).

5. All Papers should be made via email to [email protected] in .doc or .docx format. The subject of the email should be “SYMPOSIUM ON INTERNATIONAL LAW – [TITLE OF THE PAPER]”. The name of the Paper will be the “TITLE OF THE PAPER”.

6. All Papers must be an original work of the author(s). Plagiarism will lead to cancellation of the Paper.

Structure of the Abstract

1. Title: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 18; Line Spacing – 1.5; Alignment – Center; Uppercase; Bold face

2. Body: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 12; Line Spacing – 1.5; Alignment – Justified; Margins – 1 inch on all sides;

3. Details of the Author(s): Names, affiliated college, email id and contact number to be furnished at the end of the Abstract;

Structure of the Final Paper

1. The first page of the Final Paper must be the Abstract without the contact details of the author(s);

2. The length of the Paper should not exceed the limit of 6000 words (exclusive of footnotes). Authors are requested to stick to the word limit. Violation of this rule will attract deduction of marks.

3. All the pages of the Final Paper will have Margin of 1 inch on all sides;

4. Main Title of the Paper: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 18; Line Spacing – 1.5; Alignment – Center; Uppercase; Bold face

5. Body: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 12; Line Spacing – 1.5; Alignment – Justified;

6. Heading One: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 16; Line Spacing – 1.5; Alignment – Justified; Uppercase;

7. Heading Two: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 14; Line Spacing – 1.5; Alignment – Justified; Uppercase;

8. Heading Three: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 14; Line Spacing – 1.5; Alignment – Justified; Uppercase;

9. Footnote: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 10; Line Spacing – 1; Alignment – Justified;

10. The Rules of Citation as prescribed by the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), 4th edition are to be followed. Author(s) can access OSCOLA 4th edition by clicking HERE.

11. Tables or figures, if any, must contain titles.

Other Details

1. The School of Law will appoint a Screening Committee to select the abstracts for the Symposium. The decision of the Screening Committee shall be final.

2. Top 10 papers selected by the judges will be eligible for publication in the proposed Conference Book.

3. The Conference Brochure will be released by the first week of November which will contain the other details of the Symposium such as registration, accommodation etc.

Timeline of the Symposium

Registration for Conference opens – 25th November 2015

Deadline for submission of abstracts – 8th December 2015

Registration for Conference closes – 30th December 2015

Deadline for submission of final papers – 5th January 2016

Inauguration of the Conference – 15th January 2016

Symposium on International Law – 16th January 2016


1. Best PaperINR 3,000 plus vouchers

2. Second Best Paper– Vouchers

For queries[email protected]

Nitesh Sharma, President: +91 -9692775969;

Shreyan Sengupta, Vice President: +91 – 8984536979


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