Call for Papers: Libra College of Law, Dehradun’s National Seminar on Transcending Identities and the Relevance of Ambedkar’s Ideology [March 5-6]: Submit by Feb 5


Academicians, Professionals, Research Scholars, Advocates, NGO’S and Students are invited to submit their abstracts and full papers to the convener of the seminar.

Abstract should not be more than 300 words and full papers not exceeding 5000 words.


5th February, 2016

Submit to

[email protected]

Abstracts and full papers should be sent in hard copy along with a soft copy in MS word 2007, font size 12m Times New Roman for English and font size 16 m Kruti Dev 010 for Hindi papers.

Sub Themes

Dr. Ambedkar and Indian Constitutions

Dr. Ambedkar; A Man of Ideas.

Dr. Ambedkar and his concept of caste, class and society

Dr. Ambedkar and Social Democracy

Dr. Ambedkar and Social Awakening

Socio-Economic thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar

Dr.Ambedkar’s Ideology and its Relevancy in Current Scenario

Role played by Dr. Ambedkar for the welfare of downtrodden people in India

Dr. Ambedkar: Caste System in India

Dr. Ambedkar, Gandhi and Nehru; Conflict and Cooperation

Role played by Dr. Ambedkar for the welfare of Minorities

Dr. Ambedkar as a policy maker

Transcending persons and welfare of the society

Transcending persons, their ideologies and relevancy in current scenario

Dr. Ambedkar and social justice in India

Dr. Ambedkar as a framer of Indian constitution

Dr. Ambedkar and social engineering

Dr. Ambedkar’s ideology and western concept

Transcending person’s ideology and inclusive growth in India

Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts and socio-economic condition of India

Any other Topic/Sub-theme related to main theme


Mr. Vikas Bhatt, Organizing Secretary, Phone: 09557259580

Ms. Ritu Singh, Joint Organizing Secretary, Phone: 09690116264

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