Call for Papers: Law and Boundaries Conference 2015 [June 17-18, Paris]; Submit Abstracts by April 17

The call for abstracts for the 2015 Law and Boundaries Conference is open now.

The L&B Conference will be held at Sciences Po, Paris on June 17-18. Deadline for abstract submission: April 17 2015.

The special guests for this year are Duncan Kennedy and Etienne Balibar.


This is the fourth edition of the conference. The conference seeks to create a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural dialogue between students coming from European and foreign universities.

The project was initially driven by the feeling that legal scholarship has remained largely silent in the aftermath of the economic crisis, especially concerning the role of lawyers and legal templates


Following are the titles of the panels accepting submission:

a. Adjudication Reloaded

b. Bargaining in the Shadow of the  Private/Public Distinction: Globalisation and the Stat

c. “Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone!”: Education and the State

d. “Oh boy, it’s a girl!”: Gendering, Sexuality and Bodies within the Family, the Market and the State

e. Of (also) Access and Distribution: Reexamining Copyright and Property

f. Receive or Reject: Transplanting “Legal Organs”

g. Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Boundaries, Contradiction and Transgression

h. The Dark Sides of Value: Occupation and the Global Circulation of Value

i. The King is Dead, Long Live the King: the Stakes of Managerialism.

The link to more information about panels, submission information, past conferences is HERE.

More information HERE.

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