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Call for Papers: International Conference on Mass Violence and Memory, OP Jindal Global University [May 18-19, Sonepat]: Submit by Jan 20

By: The Admin | January 17, 2016

Mass Violence is an ineluctable truth of world history, in fact there has never been a time without it.

While the international community continues its efforts to prevent it till today, its deterrence has varied immensely from one decade to another and from one geographical region to the other.

What causes mass violence and how it can be prevented are questions that continue to trouble us.

The varying scales and magnitudes of mass violence have attracted a range of definitions and nomenclatures, like genocide, ethnic cleansing, pogrom, etc., and triggered debates about their usage.

The aftermath of mass violence is just as troubling as mass violence itself for it raises the questions of acknowledgement of the event, rehabilitation of the survivors, reconciliation between the perpetrator and the victim, and coming to terms with the harsh reality of memory politics.

It is a call for papers from different academic disciplines to help us comprehend mass violence and memory with reference to the subthemes listed below, but certainly not limited to them.

Papers that underscore the need for Holocaust and Genocide Education in India and suggest how it can be introduced in the country will be particularly welcomed.


All paper presenters will be provided accommodation and food for the duration of the conference.


There is no registration fee.

Domestic travel expenses incurred for participation in the conference will be reimbursed.


Deadline for the submission of Paper and Panel Proposals (not exceeding 300 words): 20th January, 2016


Email Address for submission: [email protected]


Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi, Honorary Executive Director, Youth Outreach Programme, Society for Social Regeneration & Equity (SSRE) [socialregenerationandequity.blogspot.com.in], Mob: +91-9971935226

Professor P. R. Kumaraswamy, Honorary Director, Middle East Institute, New Delhi [Click HERE].

Dr. Rohee Dasgupta, Associate Professor, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) [Click HERE].


Shuma Talukdar (Advocate), General Secretary, SSRE,  M: +91-9999681867, E-mail: [email protected]

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