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Call for Papers: IFIM International Journal of IPR and Commercial Laws [IJIC, Bangalore]: Submit by March 5

By: Abhimanyu | February 16, 2017

First published on December 19th.


This is an invitation to research scholars in law, law teachers, legal luminaries, academicians in the domain of law, members of Bar and Bench to contribute unsolicited and original articles, comment on judicial decisions, analysis of legislative materials and reviews on recently published book contributions for our maiden flagship law journal entitled “International Journal of IPR and Commercial Laws” (IJIC) a blind peer-reviewed journal edited by the in house editorial board.

Papers from students are not accepted.

Word Limit

The manuscript shall fulfill the following requisites

• Article – maximum 3,000 to 6,000 words and must be a critical analysis of the subject matter

• Comment on judicial decisions – maximum 1,500 to 3,000 words and it must contain a critical analysis

 Analysis of legislative materials-maximum1,500 to 3000 words and it must contain a critical analysis

 Book reviews – maximum 1,000 to 2,000 words and it must contain a critical analysis

 The manuscript should be in Word format, double-spaced in Times New Roman, font size 12 and justified. The prescribed word limits are inclusive of footnotes and contributors are expected to strictly conform to them.

 Pages must be numbered accordingly.

 The title of the article must be in 14 Times Roman (caps) font size.

 The main heading also should be in 14 Times Roman (small) font size

 Two types of subheadings should be used (wherever necessary) in font size 12, the first in bold and a sub- heading within sub-heading in italics.

 Subheadings are to be lettered or numbered depending upon the necessity.


As the journal is a flagship journal the contributions must be compatible with domain themes as envisaged below

• IPR – Any matter that falls within the domain of intellectual property rights

• Contract Laws

• Laws relating to Banking & Negotiable Instruments

• Insurance Law

• Corporate Laws & Governance

• Consumer Laws

• Competition Laws

• International Trade Laws

• Commercial Arbitration Laws

• Any matter connected with Law and Business


The deadline for acceptance of submissions is 15th February, 2017 March 5th, 2017.

Submission Procedure

The final manuscript along with abstract shall be sent to mail id: ijic[email protected]

• The Cover page must contain the title of the manuscript.

• It shall further contain Name/s, Academic Qualification, Designation or Professional affiliation/s and complete address of all author/s. In case of multiple authors of an article, the above details of all authors should be displayed separately with necessary commas.

• The name and address of the author\s to whom correspondence may be sent should be indicated, including an e-mail address and telephone number.

• Every manuscript immediately after the title page shall contain an Abstract not exceeding 300 words encompassing the gist of the article.

• The manuscript shall follow the abstract.

• It must be written in English (UK spelling) and be complete in all respects.

• Conclusion must be an essential part of the article reflecting authors own opinion.

• An article without conclusion will be rejected.


Citations must conform to the 19th Edition of The Bluebook: An Uniform System of Citation must be maintained failing which the Peers Review Board and in house Editorial Board shall reject the manuscript or require the author\s to strictly conform to the mode of citation contemplated above to avoid the rejection of manuscript.


The authors are bound to acknowledge the sources from where they have borrowed the ideas and shall not take recourse to the verbatim copy of the expression unless it is so necessary to quote the observation and if so it must be properly acknowledged.

They shall express the ideas in their own words. Only a certain percentage of plagiarism will be tolerated and anything above will result in the rejection of the manuscript.

This percentage will be determined by the Peers Review Board adhering to the best practices.

Acceptance of papers for publication

Manuscripts which do not comply with the submission procedure contemplated above will be rejected at the threshold. The decision of the Peers Review Board regarding acceptance of papers for publication or rejection of papers shall be final.


IFIM Law College reserves the copyright on all articles, comments on judicial decisions, analysis of legislative materials and book reviews published in the Law Journal. A scanned copy of the copy right declaration and financial disclosure in the format below shall be sent along with the manuscript.


For further queries contact –

Mrs. Shaguftha Anjum, Associate Editor

Phone: 9886294397

Email: [email protected]

For further details, click HERE.

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