We are pleased to inform you that Govt. Law College, Thrissur has decided to publish a peer reviewed and interdisciplinary journal bi-annually.

The Journal bears the title “Elenchus Law Review” and an editorial board comprised of legal luminaries, faculty and students.

We are backed by a strong advisory board consisting of Prof. M.P Singh, Prof. N.K Jayakumar, Prof. N.R Madhva Menon, Prof. N.S Gopalakrishnan and Prof. Prabhat Patnaik.

True to its name, the journal would cater to create a platform for diabolical discussion among students, academicians and legal fraternity.

The initiative is the first ever attempt of this type by a Government Law College in Kerala and is set ready to reach out to a large number of people in and out of the law field.

This endeavor would only be successful with your kind cooperation and hence we invite articles for publication in the inaugural edition of this meritorious journal.

All submissions should be made in electronic format only, in a MS Word document. The manuscripts should contain footnotes and not end-notes. The manuscripts can either be e-mailed to editoratelenchus@gmail.com (put the words “To the Editor” in the subject line).

Full details are here.



    • The journal is not restricted to a certain theme or subject. However Elenchus Law Review aims to promote research and writing centered on the theme of “Justice to enliven the practical content of life” – broadly defined. It encourages research, drawing to a variety of theoretical bases, research methodologies and disciplines and tries to ensure an elenctic method (inquiry and debate between competing and conflicting viewpoints) to simulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.

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