Call for Papers: ELCOP Year Book on Human Rights and Rebellious Lawyering: Free Publication, Submit by June 20

About the organisation

Empowerment Through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) is a voluntary, non-profitable, non-political, non-governmental human rights education, research and training organization dedicated to the common people of Bangladesh.

Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) is going to organize its 20th Human Rights Summer School (HRSS) on “Human Rights and Rebellious Lawyering” this year from October 9 – October 27.

In line with twenty years of academic legacy, ELCOP is overwhelmed with the visionary activism that inspires to start the process of publishing “ELCOP Yearbook of Human Rights”, the key scholarly research-based reading material of the HRSS.

ELCOP, herewith, welcomes scholarly papers from academics, legal scholars as well as law students. ELCOP is soliciting unpublished original papers focusing the title of the 20th HRSS for the Yearbook.

Prologue to the 20th HRSS Publication

There is a view that legal education produces legal mechanics rather than legal architects. The progress of law graduates has thus become central to legal education.

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ELCOP is saddled with diverse limitations conventional teaching style, old-fashioned curriculum, inadequate environment of legal research, absence of law clinics, non-simulative learning process and lack of interdisciplinary approach are a few to mention. The outcome is that the law graduates end up becoming litigant lawyers.

The approach does not help to change the status quo of rule of law, democracy and human rights. The poor remain poor living under the vicious cycle of poverty and find themselves helpless in fighting the discriminatory legal system.

Keeping this lawyering philosophy in mind, ELCOP was established 20 years back by Professor Rahman and HRSS is its main enterprise.

The magic yea 20th is an opportunity for ELCOP to look back. As such, the aim of the upcoming 20th HRSS is to provide the young law students with a platform to critically deliberate on various contemporary issues on rebellious lawyering vis-à-vis human rights in Bangladesh and beyond.

Topics of the paper

As mentioned, the main theme of HRSS (and the Yearbook) this year is “Human Rights and Rebellious Lawyering”. The sub-themes are included, but not limited to:

  • Human rights and rebellious lawyering;
  • ELCOP, Professor Dr Mizanur Rahman and rebellious lawyers;
  • Law, human rights and poverty;
  • Law and empowerment of the poor
  • Justice delivery system, justicing and judicial activism;
  • Human rights in the age of globalization;
  • The politics of constitutionalism;
  • Public interest litigation, social justice and development;
  • Human rights and technology;
  • Law schools and legal education in South Asia and beyond’
  • Lawyers’ role in global conflict and peace

You may write on any of the above topics or matters you believe should be a technical extension of the theme.

Word limit: The paper should be written in between 5000-8000 words excluding footnotes.

Presentation and Style Information

The publication will follow the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) Referencing Style. You can have a copy of it from the internet as well.

Footnotes should be collated at the end of each page. Footnotes to the title and author(s)’ names should be designated as *, † etc.

Footnotes to the text should be designated as 1, 2, 3 etc. The asterisked footnote should give the author’s position, institutional address and any brief acknowledgements if required.


It is a condition of HRSS Publications that authors’ grant an exclusive license to ELCOP permitting it to reproduce and/or disseminate the author’s contribution or elements of it (e.g. abstract, metadata).

In signing the license, the authors retain the right to use their own material and ELCOP asks that HRSS Publication is acknowledged as the original place of publication.

Submission Deadline and Rules

You should send a single hard copy of your manuscript. The envelope should be marked as “Submission for ELCOP Year Book on Human Rights” on the top.

The Deadline for sending your manuscript is 30th June 2019 (Sunday).

Articles should also be submitted as an electronic form (in word format) either in CD or as an email attachment to elcop71[at] by the same deadline mentioned above.

All submissions should be accompanied by a statement that the material is not under consideration elsewhere and that it has not been published or is not pending publication elsewhere.


Tapas Kanti Baul, Barrister-at-Law, Executive Director, Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP)

Email: tkbaul[at]

The website link is here.

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