Call for Papers: CUSAT’s Seminar on Consumer Welfare, Consumer & Competition Law [Feb 27-28]; Submit by Jan 8

Inspite of legislative efforts, it is argued that, though these legislations are there, the slogans ‘Consumer is Sovereign’ and ‘Customer is the King’ are nothing more than myths in the present day scenario where the market is ever-growing and so complicated with newer and newer products.

Hence, in this context it is necessary to discuss how far Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and Competition Act, 2002 have achieved their primary objectives of ensuring consumer welfare.

This ‘Two Day National Seminar on Consumer Welfare in India: The Role of Competition Law and Consumer Law’ attempts to examine the interface between the Consumer Laws and the Competition Law and their role in protecting the rights of the consumers.

This seminar will also deliberate on the issue whether these laws are adequate to protect and advance the interests and welfare of the consumers in the contemporary India.


Research papers are invited from the academicians, researchers, practitioners and students on the broad themes given below.

An abstract containing not more than 350 words should be sent.

On acceptance of abstracts, full papers should be sent by the authors.

Themes & Sub-Themes:

I. Consumer Welfare and Role of Competition Law

 Anti-Competitive Agreements

 Abuse of Dominance

 Mergers and Acquisitions

 Role of Enforcement Agencies

 Interface between Consumer Laws and Competition Law

 Competition Act, 2002: Done and Undone

II. Emerging Areas under Competition Law and Consumer Welfare

 Anti-Dumping and Competition Law

 Private Enforcement of Competition Law

 Criminalization of Competition Law

 Extra-Territorial Application of Competition Law

 Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law

III. Consumer Welfare and Role of Consumer Laws

 The Concept of Consumer

 Unfair Practices, Misleading Advertisements and its Regulation

 E- Consumers and their Protection

 Working of Consumer Redressal Forums

 Compensatory Jurisprudence in Consumer Law

The last date to send in abstracts in January 8.

Email: [email protected]

Full details are here.


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