Call for Papers: BPSMV Khanpur Kalan Seminar on Introducing Uniform Civil Code in India [Oct 27 – 28, Sonipat]: Submit by Oct 22


Uniform Civil Code is nowadays topic of debates, discussions and topmost concern among all the persons having deep concern over the socio-political-legal trends in India.

The topic is of great significance and relevance to provide all the participants a deep insight into the exigencies and intricacies involving UCC in India with diverse cultural and religious dimensions.

Your due reverence towards NEW INDIA would help us to understand, originate, formulate the idea of UCC in India and transcend this wave further.

Our serious deliberation would contribute in laying down and table the report of the seminar before Indian Government for kind consideration.

Objectives of the Seminar

1. To spread awareness among people about Uniform Civil Code

2. To study various aspects and approaches relating to UCC.

3. To analyze the concept, idea and philosophy of UCC .

4. To discuss the various dimensions of UCC and challenges introducing UCC in India.

5. To assimilate and disseminate further the impact of UCC in India.

Call for Papers

Research papers are invited from the scholars, researchers, practitioners, academicians, social workers and students on the issues related to the theme.

The list of sub themes is only suggestive but not exhaustive. The paper writers can also submit papers on any other sub-themes of their choice related to the main theme of the seminar.

It is also proposed that the quality papers will be published as a special volume on the seminar in the form of edited book with ISBN No.

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Submission Procedure

The soft copy of Paper with abstract should be sent at


On or before October 22nd, 2017.

The Hard copy may be addressed to Dr. Seema Dahiya –Convener Seminar, Department of Laws, BPSMV-KK. One hard copy is mandatory to submit at the time of registration.

Registration Details

:i) for Academicians and Professionals Rs. 600/

ii) Research scholars and students Rs. 400/

Registration form is HERE.

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