Call for Papers: Academike, the Lawctopus’ Law Journal + Knowledge Center (ISSN: 2349-9796): Submit by Sep 30

Academike is the Lawctopus’ Law Journal + Knowledge Center (ISSN: 2349-9796). See the website here.

All knowledge is useful. That’s the ethos of Academike.

Every semester thousands of law students in India engage in an exercise called ‘writing projects’. These are anywhere from 1000-10,000 word projects; anywhere from very well researched to plagiarized from Wikipedia.

Many students also make subject ‘notes’ which go waste after the semester gets over.

Where do all of these projects and subject notes go? Do these go waste?

Even if not all projects are works of exceptional piece of writing and research, these can serve as a good starting point, a good literature review, a good over-view to build upon.

Some of these are actually exceptional works, and deserve a wider audience and comments from those who care.

Academike intends to provide all this. With over 530 projects and notes published till now, we are well on our way to being a massive open online


When you contribute to Academike, you have 2 choices:

a. You can get your projects published in your name and get a publication with an ISSN number.

b. If for some reason want the project/notes to be published anonymously (say the quality is not good or you don’t want your names to be up), they can also do so.

Remember our ethos is that all knowledge is useful and hence this provision of publishing ‘average’ papers ‘anonymously’.

Send your papers latest by September 30, 2015.

The best papers will be awarded by LexisNexis!

Submission Guidelines:

1. All projects or essays or notes submitted should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 12, line spacing 1.5’; justified alignment.

2. The headings/ sub-headings shall also be properly highlighted in Bold.

3. The citations should be in the form of ENDNOTES and not footnotes. [Select All the Footnotes, Right Click and choose ‘convert to endnote’.]

4. Endnotes cited in the project should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 10, line spacing 1’; justified alignment.

5. The word limit for submissions is 1000-15,000 words.

6. Citations should be in the form of footnotes as per the Standard Indian Legal Citation as available on

7. The projects/essays should be submitted online in a MS Word format document to Saksham Dwivedi at

8. The project should be an original work of the author.

9. All submissions must be accompanied with a covering letter (in the body of the email itself), indicating the name of the author, title of the submission and a contact address of the author, including the e-mail address.

10. The file name of the submission should in the following format: Project Name, Name of Author-University’s or College’s Name.

11. The subject of the email should be in the same format: Project Name, Name of Author/ University’s or College’s Name.

12. In case the author wishes to remain anonymous please mention ANONYMOUS (in caps and in brackets) at the end of file name and the subject line.

For instance: Project Name or Name of the Subject Note/ Name of Author/ University’s or College’s Name (ANONYMOUS).

The last date to submit is September 30.

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.

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