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Call for Editors: International Review of Human Rights Law (IRHRL): Apply by June 9

By: Aprajita Karki | May 7, 2019
About the organisation

The International Review of Human Rights Law is an annual, online, and open-access law journal. The journal is an effort to address human rights issues around the world. The journal accepts original scholarly works on all human rights issues, by practitioners, academics, and students.

The scholarly works can be in the form of articles, case notes, book reviews and responses. The journal encourages a comparative and empirical analysis of human rights issues.

The International Review of Human Rights Law was assigned International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2455 – 8648 on 19 April 2016. The assignment was made via email confirmation letter (reference number: NSL/ISSN/INF/2016/513).

Call for editors

The journal currently, requires Editors for the Fifth Issue.  Editors will be required to select and edit papers (20-30 pages per month) from July 2019 onwards. 4th and 5th yr. students of B.A., LL. B course, 2nd and 3rd yr. students of LL. B. course and LL.M. students can apply. The Fifth Issue will be published in February 2020.

Interested ones can send their Resume by 9 June 2019 to managingeditor.irhrl[at]gmail.com.

Please note: None of the positions in the journal are paid.


Email: managingeditor.irhrl[at]gmail.com

The website link is here.

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