Call for Chapters for an Edited Book “Human Right to Health: Expanding Horizons” [Research and Conceptual Papers]: Submit by July 15


Dr. Sougata Talukdar is seeking submissions in the form of call for chapters for an edited book on “Human Right to Health: Expanding Horizons”.

About the Book 

The concept of health is a complex matter that touches on deep and unanswered issues of medicine, ethics, and law as its heart lies in the universal and terrifying fact of human vulnerability. The occurrence of the COVID 19 Pandemic made this more evident to us.

Under the contemporary legal system, health is associated not only with physiological functioning but with mental and moral soundness and spiritual salvation as well. The notion of health has traveled a long way from a disease-free state of the body to the inclusion of social wellbeing within its ambit.

Under the Human Rights jurisprudence, the concept of the right to health is borrowed from the aspirational terms of international human rights instruments and evolving philosophies of distributive justice.

The fundamental right to health is the combination of social rights, such as the right to a healthy environment, the right to social security, and classic rights such as the right to human equality and autonomy. It is probable that the word “right” is often used in health arguments because the concept of a right is powerful, and emotional and implies that there can be no argument against it.

Along with this, in the contemporary legal system, organ donation, mental health issues, out-of-pocket expenditure for accessing healthcare, and malpractices of the medical practitioners have their own places in the medico-legal discussion regarding the human right to health.

In this background, a well-edited book titled “Human Right to Health: Expanding Horizons” with ISBN is being edited. The said proposed edited book will be published by a renowned publisher in book form. The purpose of this edited book is to investigate the Expanding Horizons of the Human Right to Health.

Efforts should be made by this edited volume to identify and investigate the challenges that presently our healthcare system is facing. The opportunities will be there to explore the future of the healthcare system in post-COVID-19 India. 

Dr. Sougata Talukdar is seeking submissions in the form of call for chapters for an edited book on “Human Right to Health: Expanding Horizons”.

About the Editor

Dr. Sougata Talukdar is presently working in the capacity of Assistant Professor in Law, Goenka College of Commence and Business and Administration, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal, India under the West Bengal Education Service.

He has published widely in the field of the health law. He has published numerous articles and research papers in various reputed national and international journals, edited books, and authored valuable books namely “Right to Health in India: Law, Policy and Practice” and “Human Rights Law and Health Protection” in the field of health Law.

He is also deeply involved in the theory and practice of teaching and actively engaged in research, training, consultancy, and social service programs. 


The call for chapters is being sought on “Human Right to Health: Expanding Horizons”

Sub Themes

  • Human Rights to Health
  • Health: Right vis-a-vis Duty
  • Theoretical Foundations of Health
  • Components of Health
  • Right to Health under International Law 
  • Historical Development of Right to Health in India
  • Constitutional Protection to Right to Health in India 
  • Nationalization of Healthcare in India
  • Impact of Universal Health Coverage on Healthcare System
  • National Health Policies in India 
  • Ayushman Bharat and Healthcare Benefits 
  • Healthcare Practice and Medical Ethics 
  • Role of Informed Consent in Medical Treatment 
  • Policies on Maternal Health 
  • Policies on Child Health
  • Organ Donation and Law in India 
  • Organ Donation and Consent Mechanism 
  • Role of Regulatory Authorities in India 
  • Judicial Activism and Right to Health 
  • Role of Private Players in Healthcare 
  • National Health Services vis-a-vis Ayushman Bharat 
  • Committees on Healthcare Reform in India 
  • Sustainable Development and Health 
  • Urbanization and Healthcare 
  • Health for All  COVID-19 and Indian Healthcare System 
  • Health Promotion and Working of WHO
  • Mental Health Law in India
  • Medical Malpractice and Consumer Protection
  • Access to Medicine and IPR 

The above sub-themes are only illustrative. The editor would welcome papers on other topics related to the central theme given above.

Submission Guidelines 

  1. All manuscripts should be prepared in English only. 
  2. Please Use ‘Times New Roman, font 12pt. size for running text and 14pt. for Headings, the Paper should be A4 (Portrait) and in MS Word. 
  3. Manuscript should have all the margins (i.e. L/R/T/B) 1 inch (2.5 cm), 1.5 spaces, and left-justified only. 
  4. Manuscript including tables, figures, and references should be around 5000 – 6000 words along with an abstract, not more than 250 words. 
  5. Paper or articles should be an original and unpublished contributions. 
  6. All rights to the selection of article/research paper are reserved by the Editor. 
  7. Each manuscript must accompany the undertaking of the author(s) and should be sent along with the article. (Format of the undertaking is enclosed herewith). 
  8. The manuscript should have a page number. 
  9. There should be footnotes using the ILI format of citation and no end notes.
  10. The article/ research paper once submitted to this edited book should not be resubmitted simultaneously to other journals elsewhere for consideration. 
  11. The author(s) name, designation, and official/residential address with e-mail ID should appear below the main title of the paper followed by the abstract and then text respectively. 
  12. No paper will be accepted which is without UNDERTAKING of the author and typed without Times New Roman font. 
  13. The last date of submission of the article/paper is July 15, 2022. 
  14. The manuscript also should be sent in Soft copy (E-mail) to the editor within the due date of submission at the following email id:
  15. Contributors must choose the topic and email the same to the editor, and only after receiving confirmation, they should prepare the chapter.
  16. The submissions must be accompanied by a covering letter bearing the following information:
    • Full Name of the Author(s)
    • Designation
    • Institutional Affiliations (if any)
    • Contact Details of the Author(s) 

Contact Information

In case of queries regarding the call for chapters, please contact the author Dr. Sougata Talukdar at 

Assistant Professor in Law Goenka College of Commerce and B.A. 

University of Calcutta, Kolkata. 


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